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The Future of the Swinging Community??

The younger and future generation entrusted to keep the Swinging lifestyle alive and well into the next decade are extremely concerned with the foundation that their predecessors have left for them to wallow in. Have the past generations plotted a path that has lead present day Swingers down the eventual destruction of lifestyle as we know it.

The single young North American male is as handsome and sensitive as any previous generation, possibly more due to a stronger accent on health, fitness and a better overall education on social issues. That’s a good thing, however have the alternative lifestyles created a false future whereby these lads will wind up being domineered, browbeaten and overwhelmed by self-centered fem-fatales?

It’s a authentic concern that they next generation of Swinging males will wind up in unhealthy, unequal relationships, maturing in a world of exorbitantly hostile to the notions of men and maleness. Has the Swinging culture towards anti-male messages, NO SINGLE MEN !, Female-Female couples welcome, if a swinging couple separates after a lifetime membership in a Swingers Club, the wife is welcomed with open arms and the husband is immediately banned from access to his network of friends. A man without a willing partner can be compared to a leper during the days of the Babylonians, ranking somewhere behind second-class citizens.

The general culture respects strong willed men that don’t knuckle under to a domineering bitch, and most women in Swinging will tell you directly that they are attracted to testosterone in a man. The dilemma begins within a balancing act of modern feminism. All Utopian Swingers will openly shout that within the Swinging lifestyle, ALL WOMEN are accepted and urged to be forward and confident with their wants and desires. On the other hand it MUST be scrutinized that IF a woman within a relationship disagreement can play an Ace on the river, “You can’t go anywhere without a woman”.

This ideology has serious frightening possibilities to the lifestyle, especially combining it with the media’s present day view of the North American male species. The male figure in Television has taken a 180 degree reversal over the past 20 years and seems to be worsening each season. Gone are “Father Knows Best”, “The Fonz”, “Sam Malone” and “Charles Bronson”. They have been replaces slowly with “Everybody loves Raymond”, “Niles Crane”, “Alan Harper {2 1/2 men} and “Any male on Friends”.

The commercials between the programs are even worse: take the Ad for a Casino where the man tattoos a Lucky 7 onto his chest in a mirror and the woman has to clue him in that its backwards, OR the beer commercial where the loving couple approaches a wishing well, he throws in a coin and gets a cold beer, she throws in a coin and suddenly he disappears and grabs his beer.

It’s spreading worldwide as well. Recently a survey in Great Britain found that people thought women in commercials were “intelligent, assertive and caring”, while the same people thought the men were “pathetic and silly”. The behaviour goes further as well, including that the “Newfie joke” of the new millennium has become a “Man Joke”. Have you seen the new so-called cool T-shirt slogans like “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them”, or books on the self like “Stupid Boys are Good to Relax With”.

It is surely puzzling. What would be the outcome if you replaced the word Boys/Man with Women or African Americans??? Do you perceive outrage??? Probably a 2-hour Oprah special featuring special scolding’s from Dr Phil.

If male bashing is so popular in today’s culture, soon more and more young men will either develop an unhealthy dislike of women, or, the affluent North American male will continue to look to other regions of the world for their life partners. Men will simply not be able to adapt to a culture where they find themselves relentlessly ridiculed and attacked by anti-male bias. Either result will be a terrible future for the Swinging community. On one hand the anti-social behaviour of women’s growing disdain for men will have a serious poisoning effect on genuine members of the Swinging society, and on the other hand good men will be paired with women from cultures that will never accept Swinging as a lifestyle choice.

Even the feminist movement in the general population is torn about the implications of this happening. In the 2006 book “Are Men Necessary”, it was preached that with today’s earning potential of females in the workforce combined with the expansion of sperm banks globally, the answer was a resounding NO! On the other end of the feminist spectrum is the book “The Golden Notebook”, that the author states the appalling “rubbishing of men is now so part of our culture that it is hardly even noticed”.

It is hilarious that the general population can hypothesize and suggest guidelines for the Swinging Community without even realising that they are aiding our lifestyle. In the publication “Save the Males: Why Men Matter, Why Women Should Care”, it states that if the rubbishing of men continue the long-term eventual loser will be – WOMEN. To quote: “As long as men feel marginalised by the women whose favour and approval they seek, ... as long as they are disrespected by a culture that no longer values masculinity...and women wage sexual war, then we risk cultural suicide.” Another point that she makes that is directly impactive to Swinging: If you have a disenfranchised group in the society, experiencing a general malaise, then the society as a whole will suffer.

Most people behind the scenes in swinging see it as a big problem, or even a problem at all. Actually most don’t care! Swingers primarily hate single men and reject any and all arguments in favour of making any concessions towards a change in the norm. This is basically because the Swinging Lifestyle is for the most part being run behind the scenes by women, and they like everything the way that it has been. After all is there a coincidence that 80 percent of women in the lifestyle are Bi-something, and yet Bi-something represents less than 1/2 of 1/2 of one percent. Hmm??? Remember, if you were going to attend a Swing Club that you hadn’t been to before, and you heard that it was being run by a couple, however after a split the Husband was running it alone, Would you attend? What if a woman was running the club??

This issue will not be solved by simply allowing single men as members to Swing clubs. That would create bedlam and such chaos that genuine swinging couples would ferret underground in the matter of one week never to rear their heads again. It is a quandary that may take some of the brightest minds within the alternative lifestyles community to address. It certainly would make great debate and discussion at the numerous Swinging conventions and other large events, with input by the masses of everyone from Utopian Swingers to Newbies alike. Unfortunately that will bluntly NEVER HAPPEN, as event organisers spend the majority of time selling you on the entertainment value of their event as a sales pitch for their next money maker. If we can’t get an Industry Standard of mandatory condom usage at all club events, what hope do we have with more philosophic issues like the analytical future of the Swinging Society.

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