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"Hey blondie, looks like you've had a real busy night. Want to sit down for some breakfast."
"Sure Jenn, just let me go to the bathroom, my bladder's about to burst."
"It looks like that's not the only thing that's ready to burst. Your blouse looks like it suffered some serious damage in the battle last night."
"I'll tell you all about it in a minute. Just get a cereal bowl down from the cupboard and pour me some orange juice and I'll be right back."
"Easy-peasy Kate, I'll have your place set up in a jiff."
"God, does that ever feel better! You wouldn't have believed what happened last night."
"Well I know you had a big one planned with Mr. All-American Quarterback. You must have really stuck your tits in his face to land such a catch."
"Catch my eye! He's certainly had an eye for my bod ever since transferring into our Shakespeare class three weeks ago. I figured him for some great cocksman given his performance on the gridiron. Turns out that his talk is greater than his ability to slice the gash with his fleshy sword. I mean really, the girls have been falling all over him. So I figure this guy's got to be hot stuff in the sack in addition to his looks. I had to change my panties after he called the other night, just the sound of that velvet voice was enough to get my pot steamed. Can you pass me one of those English muffins?"
"Sure, here you go. Do you want any marmalade?"
"Yeah, that would be great. Anyway, not only did I look great but I was really on fire when I left last evening. We were going to see 'Measure for Measure' that the Theatre Players were doing downtown. I was looking to cook two geese in one pot as it were, get both my Shakespeare review and myself done all in one night. Well, I managed to do both but not the way I intended. God am I still hungry. Can you pop a couple of more muffins in the toaster?"
"Of course, do you want some more orange juice or some coffee?"
"A little more OJ, I'll wait on the coffee until the muffins are done. Anyway as I was saying, I was really primed for the evening. You were out when he stopped by to pick me up. Too bad! For once I was ready on time! The bell rang and when I opened the door there was this bronzed Apollo, sleekly dressed in a pair of khakis and a mauve polo shirt. The blond streaks in his hair sparkled, back lit from the late afternoon sun. I don't know if it was the sun shining in my eyes, or this vision of manly perfection but I was almost ready to jump him right here. We wouldn't have even made it back to the bedroom. You would have caught us in 'copulo', I'm sure."
"Here are your muffins and coffee. So with such a good start, how could the evening go south?"
"South? Jenn, this evening went so far south that I found myself in Antarctica before I could get back on track."
"So he left you high and dry?"
"Well, he certainly left me high but not dry. I'll get to that in a moment. Anyway, we got to the theatre in plenty of time. It was a nice evening, the sky had an ochre tinge from the setting sun. Sitting on the square, we shared a lemonade and watched the people come and go. This was the first nice weekend since the end of April and it was nice not to wear a sweater. Will and Jane came over and joined us. It turns out they were going to the play as well. Jane gave me the weirdest look when she sat down. It was kinda like, 'what are you doing with that guy, don't you know about him?' Little did I know, but I was sure going to find out. Well, the play was OK, I just don't like these things where a guy is sentenced to death for fornication. Geez, that would take 99% of my boyfriends out of circulation! The acting was excellent. Hey, you know that guy who moved in four doors down, Edward Smith, though I think he spells it the funny English way, S-m-y-t-h-e."
"The one with the long reddish hair?"
"Yeah, that's him. He played Claudio and did a bang-up job."
"Bang-up, huh? Well Kate, I've run into him at the store a couple of times and I can think of something I would like him to bring a little bang-up to."
"Go for it then, he seems real nice."
"I think I just might do that. Here's your coffee."

"Thanks. After the play we walked back up the hill with Will and Jane. They invited us to join them at Nick's but I graciously declined, saying we had other plans."
"Hmmm, I wonder what kind of plans those might be?"
"All right, already! Let me finish with the story. Anyway, there was a nice breeze at the top of the hill. I had left the bottom buttons of the skirt undone and the wind came right through the slit, lifting up the back just like a hoisted spinnaker. There were a couple of guys walking towards us that got a good flash of panty, though they didn't even crack a smile since I was with Mr. All-American Quarterback. I guess they thought he would pound them into the pavement or whatever it is football players do when they get pissed. I didn't care too much because the air felt pretty damn good as it coursed over the tops of my thighs."
"Nothing like a nice spring breeze, is there? Especially when you've got a case of hot pants!"
"Well it certainly was refreshing; the sweet zephyr sucked out that pleasing scent carried forth from my sweet quim by the leaking love oils. I could feel my cheeks flush with the warmth of desire as the delicate perfume wafted about my body. God Jenn, I swear it was all I could do from jumping his bones right then and there. Each scented breath only increased the lovely wetness between my legs."
"I'm surprised that you didn't have every dog in the neighbourhood running up to catch a sniff."
"Believe me I heard some pretty aggressive barking and a couple of dogs strained at their leashes. I'm pretty thankful that they are enforcing the new leash law. Otherwise, I would have really been in trouble."
"The story is making me a little hungry Kate, do you want me to fix you another English muffin too?"
"Yeah, I could go for that. Is there more coffee? I could use another cup."
"Give me a minute and I need to run the Braun through another cycle."
"Thanks, the coffee really hits this spot this morning. Anyway, when we got into his apartment, I thought that I really had better play it cool. I really didn't know him too well and ..."
"In other words you didn't go straight for his belt and zipper once you were safely inside."
"Geez Jenn, you know that I can keep it together even in the face of an imminent fuck! No, of course I didn't grab for the meat right off, I was thirsty from the walk back and needed something to drink."
"Sure Kate, and I bet I can guess what you wanted to drink."
"Ha, ha, pretty funny Jenn. Just wait 'til you hear how this all turned out."
"Looks like it wasn't the winter, or should I say springtime, of your discontent!"
"True, no discontent, but the end came not in the way you would ever guess. Anyway, I mentioned that I was a little thirsty. It turns out that Mr. All-American Quarterback doesn't drink anything stronger than Mountain Dew. He had some lemonade in the fridge, and I told him that would be fine. I looked around the living room as he went into the kitchen to get the drinks. You would absolutely not have believed this room. Posters of football players covered virtually every square inch of wall space. You know that my knowledge of football is about enough to fill a thimble! I did recognize three posters of Mr. All-American Quarterback that came from various sports magazine covers. The rest were all pretty much meaningless to me. Some of the helmet logos looked pretty neat but I don't know why they always pick such dark colors for their uniforms; I mean a real nice peach and cream would look so nice or even ecru and cerulean blue."
"Kate, I hate to break it to you, but football is a violent game. I don't think that these guys want to go around hitting one another while wearing uniforms designed by Givenchy or Versace."
"Come on Jenn I know that, but field hockey gets pretty rough and tough and we always tried to look our best."
"You're not really comparing field hockey to football?"
"Why not? Have you ever had your ankles chopped at with a field hockey stick? I had more bruised legs from field hockey than I care to think about. And remember, field hockey player don't wear all that protective stuff that Mr. All-American Quarterback wears when he goes out to play."
"All right Kate, I can see I'm not going to win this one. What happened next?"

"Well, he came out of the kitchen with a nice large glass of lemonade for me and a bottle of Mountain Dew for himself. He looked real macho drinking Mountain Dew straight from the bottle! Anyway, it turned out that he had a real nice collection of jazz CDs. I asked him to pick out something soft and romantic. He spent a couple of minutes looking and popped a disc into the machine. It sounded pretty familiar to me and I asked what it was. Turns out it was Miles Davis's 'Sketches of Spain,' a jazzy arrangement of the Rodrigo guitar concerto."
"Ummm, I know that one, it's really mellow."
"Yeah, I was feeling pretty mellow too as I snuggled next to him. I had taken a couple sips of lemonade, just enough to quench my thirst but not my lust if you know what I mean."
"Sure, the tart taste that leaves you wanting something sweet."
"You bet. Anyway, I took the bottle of Mountain Dew from his hand and put it on the end table on my side of the couch. I didn't think he would be needing anything more to drink, at least that's what was on my mind. Of course if he wanted a little taste of honey, you know the sweet pearly kind, that was always an option that I was keeping open."
"Ah sweet love, the parting of the delicate petals, the liquidey dew drops, the feathery touch of the tongue; the nexus of love when touched swells with the gentle flush of anticipation..."
"Enough already Jenn, that all comes in due time or is it in due time all come. Yikes, stop it already Jenn, too many iambic pentameters running through my head. Anyway, I was primed to see whether what was stuffed inside his pants would win any All-American awards. I started to turn up the heat a bit by gently biting on his ear lobe and blowing soft puffs of warm air into his ear. It certainly had the desired result. My left hand, drawn by no magic of my own to the buttoned fly of his jeans, started to massage his growing cock. There was no question that this was going to be an evening of delight, but ever the cautious one, I wanted it to last. I whispered in his ear that he was in for a special treat, something to take the edge off."
"Edge off? You mean get it off! Yeah, I bet he bit on that one, didn't he Kate?"
"At the time, I didn't know what he was thinking. All that escaped his lips was a deep moan. I wasn't going to waste any more time. My quim was simply drooling love juice in anticipation, but I was determined this fuck was going to last. I figured if I sucked him just to the zenith of release and let things ebb it would be all the better for me. I wanted the void in my cunny filled up with sweet thick jism. Jeez, it had been at least two weeks since I'd gotten off with a guy. Anyway, I quickly slid down onto my knees, my hands undoing the buttons as fast as possible, shaking with anticipation of seeing his swollen love muscle. Well, was I ever surprised when I pulled his pants down over his hips. There was no downy hair framing his cock and balls, the skin was baby smooth. I know a lot of girls who keep their nether regions neatly trimmed; God knows that I do this, but a guy? No way I thought. This was sure a first for me. The surprising thing was that it made his cock look larger and more appealing. No stray pubies to get caught in my teeth!!"
"Yeah, like that's what you were thinking about!"
"Of course I wasn't thinking about that! All I wanted was to get this guy ready to mount! Well, it was really rather neat to lick the smooth skin encasing his two love jewels. Dabs of saliva coated the skin as my tongue slid back and forth and all around each little orb. My left hand was busy, gently pumping on his love rod, drawing forth droplets of jizzy lubricant. When I popped one of his balls into my mouth, his cock began to twitch with excitement."
"Geez Kate, every time I try doing that the guy spouts off like a geyser!"
"Yeah, it used to happen to me a lot as well. You can't pump the rod too hard or fast because most guys don't have any self-control. You have to feather it, getting them excited but not to the point where the trigger gets pulled. Also, you need to be ready to squeeze down at the base to bring things back under control. I've found that if you girdle the base with a firm grip and breathe in really fast while you've got the tip of his cock in your mouth, it brings the ardour under control. I guess it's the cool air that passes over his cock as you inhale and along with the pressure that somehow cuts off the sensation of coming. After that you let them go slightly limp and they're able to fuck much longer. Anyway, I wanted a quick taste before temporarily turning off his love spigot. I figured three or four sucks ought to satisfy my sweet tooth. I quickly tongued the tip before sliding the tool into my mouth, savouring the pearly liquid's taste. Well, I didn't even get to the third draw when he erupted filling my mouth with jizz. Of course I wasn't nearly prepared to take his offering as the shuddering cock shot streams of come into my mouth. I felt a thin stream ooze out the side of mouth and figured that I better start swallowing pretty darn quick before it started to drip all over the place. I certainly didn't want to get any on my silk blouse. Nothing more embarrassing than telling the dry cleaner what the stain is - 'no it isn't cream sauce; I was going down on my boyfriend and couldn't quite keep all the come in my mouth.'"
"Definitely yucky!"
"You bet! Anyway, I was really pissed at letting the situation get out of control. It seemed like my mouth took a week's worth of stored up love juice and unless Mr. All-American Quarterback had amazing recuperative powers, I was in for at least an hour's wait. I licked a stray ribbon of come off my lips and looked up and there was Mr. All-American Quarterback, looking dead to the world!"
"No way!"
"Yup, I had blown him into oblivion! He was lying, head back against the couch, a vague smile on his face, snoring softly. I gave him a firm push but to no avail, he hardly stirred, out like a light. Boy was I pissed!"
"So what did you do?"
"Well, I figured out that I really needed to get back at this guy for being so inconsiderate. I couldn't lather his face with his come as I had already swallowed all of it. I sat there in a funk for a couple of minutes, my built up passion slowly ebbing, the crotch of my panties beginning to feel cold and clammy rather than hot and oily. Then it came to me, I would leave him a nice scented memento of my wasted evening."
"You didn't!"
"Oh Jenn but I did! I figured that this guy was going to sleep this one off and that what better way to sleep than to draw in my juicy memory with each breath. My hand slid down across the bunched up skirt until my fingers found the ignored channel, whose damp secretions continued to spread throughout the cotton barrier. There was no way that I was going to take the necessary time getting off, especially sitting at the foot of this slumbering fool. My only task was to imbue the panties with as much of the delicate feminine love oil as they would hold. My fingers went to work, stroking the fabric back and forth into the love channel, drawing as much of the viscous juice out of my quim and into the cotton fibres. Satisfied that there was little more to be wicked out, I slid the panties off, letting my quim bask in the evening's delicate air. I looked at Mr. All-American Quarterback lying there, supine like a stuffed swine. I slipped the panties over his face, adjusting the moist crotch band over his nose so that my perfumed oils would be his for the rest of the night."

"Oh my God, tell me again that you really did that!"
"I really did that! He was really quite a site, pants down around his knees, a hairless crotch framing a flaccid cock, lavender panties covering his face. Just desserts for my ruined evening."
"Poor sweet Kate, abandoned at love's altar."
"Well Jenn, that's exactly how I felt. Anyway, it was over for good with this guy. I finally figured out what Jane's weird look meant. I started to head on home when I bumped into Will. It turns out that Jane had to finish up some work and called it an early evening. Will remarked that it was a surprise to see me so soon afterwards. I told him something unfortunate had come up, which was of course the truth. He looked at me kind of funny, saying he figured out what came up. It turned out that I had a driblet of dried come on my chin. In my haste to leave Mr. All-American Quarterback, I hadn't checked the mirror to make sure my face was clean. God was I ever embarrassed about that."
"Ugh, I'll bet!"
"Actually Will was pretty sweet. He moistened his finger and wiped off the offending evidence. He could see that I was down in the dumps and asked me over to his place for a glass of wine. I said that I would settle for some brandy if he had it; I needed something a little stronger than Chablis. Anyway, we headed over to his place, the cool night air sweeping through my skirt, its gentle breeze purging my quim of the lingering after effects of Mr. All-American Quarterback's failed attempt at quenching my lusty need."

"I can see where this story is headed..."
"Come on Jenn, Will is really a sweet guy and he's not going with anyone right now. I certainly wasn't figuring on anything happening between the two of us; I thought we would have a drink and I would be on my way home."
"Kate, even I know you better than that! One drink and you would be on your way, but the destination certainly wouldn't be this apartment. Do go on."
"Well, we sat down with our brandies and I told him about what happened with Mr. All-American Quarterback. He laughed when I told him how the evening concluded, the football star sleeping on the couch with a love-juice soaked panty covering his face. Will thought that maybe our football star was betrayed by his steroid-buffed body; no telling what all those muscle building drugs will do to ones libido. I smirked, responding that I was putting on permanent hold my dream about fulfilling the fantasy of playing the horny cheerleader. Give me someone who is sweet and intellectual and not a plumbing-impaired Adonis. Anyway, we talked for a while longer about the play and other stuff. The brandy was nice and I was just getting ready to head on home when Will leaned over and kissed me."
"I knew it was just a matter of time!"

"Maybe, but it certainly caught me by surprise. It was one of those nice gentle kisses, his tongue slipping into my mouth for a flickering moment. I responded in kind, darting mine into his mouth, quickly duelling with his tongue before withdrawing. I slid into his arms, pulling his head against mine in a firm embrace. Leaving an aftermath of soft kisses on the nape of my neck, Will's next kiss was more passionate, more insistent. One of his hands had moved to my breasts, gently pinching the nipples through the delicate twin fabrics of blouse and bra, drawing passion into each nub. God, did this ever feel good! We slid off the couch onto the carpeted floor, bodies intertwined, hands groping at buttons, zippers, and clasps until we were both naked. I pushed my recharged quim hard against his knee pinioned between my thighs, oozing balmy emollient into his skin. His cock responded in kind, delicately discharging some warm slick oil on my stomach as we grappled with one another."

"Heaven, I'm in heaven..."
"You got that right Jenn, though the dancing cheek to cheek was still to come. I was really feeling ripe and ready, returning every one of his strokes and kisses with those of my own. We managed to get untangled as he pulled one of the pillows off the couch. He prompted me to raise my ass and quickly slid the soft bolster underneath it, elevating my cunny level with his face. What came next can only be described as some sort of magic."
"That old black magic of a voodoo sort?"
"Who knows, and I certainly didn't care by the time morning came. I'm lying there, my sweet nether lips beckoning his tongue which at this point was tracing warm moist lines up and down my thighs, pausing only briefly at the juncture of my cunny. Each pause was accompanied by a quick flick of the tongue over my swollen portal, only to be withdrawn in an instant. Well, as you might guess I'm starting to get with this rhythm; my hips began to gently rock to the beat of his tongue as it moved up and down, back and forth, a metronome of passion. By love's long last he found my love pearl, opening the gate with the touch of his soft fingers.

The delicate swipe of his sweet tongue, that first brief touch, pushed a soft moan out from the depths of my lustful cunny. His tongue quickened to the task of bringing me to the abyss of surrender, each light lash lasting longer than the one before. I started to quiver with anticipation of being cast over a cliff into a canyon filled with a kaleidoscope of floating colors, swirling and dancing before my eyes. Finally, with his tongue dancing back and forth between my little love nub and nectar-filled channel, I came with the most delicious whiplash orgasm I've ever experienced. Intense and drawn-out, I continued to quiver, jelly-like, even after the waves of joy receded."
"Oh my God Kate, I'm getting wet just hearing about this! The last two guys I've slept with wouldn't even consider going down on me. That joker Frank McCoy even claimed to be allergic to love's liquid balm, claiming he broke out in hives if even a drop touched his lips. That assertion was belied, by the quickness with which he dipped his prick into my honey pot. It certainly didn't stay swollen for very long after gaining entrance. Damn it, why do I end up with all the pigs?"

"I don't know Jenn, you're bound to find a keeper one of these days. Anyway, as soon as my strength returned, I pushed him over onto his back, slipping the pillow, freshly scented from my come under his head. I straddled him, my quim poised over the tip of his lovely cock. Gazing into his eyes with a sparkle of my own, I drew the head of his prick over my quim blending the soft pearls that were oozing out of the tiny cock-hole with the spent oils from my own love channel. We smiled at one another as I centered love's arrow to its receptive target, slowly lowering my hips, taking up each measured inch until it was fully inside me.

Whether it was the just-passed orgasm or the evening's prior frustration, I was filled with floating elation with only this lovely cock tethering me to earthly reality. Cock and quim, quim and cock; my hips started to rock against his root being, sliding back and forth along the lubricated length. His hands plucked at my nipples, by this time swollen again with a lust for release. Feeling the premonitory twitching of his cock, I slid down into his arms, forcing my tongue deep into his mouth. I felt my nether lips start to spasm once again with orgasmic intensity, sucking his wonderful cock deep inside me, my own discharge bathing his heavenly one with sweet warmth. I lay there, atop him, totally drained by this second come, feeling the warm fluids slowly drain out, leaving a shiny coat of love on his pubic mound."
"Ummm, Kate?"
"Yeah, Jenn?"
"You'll have to excuse me, there's something I need to attend to in the bedroom. Don't come in for about ten minutes or so, pretty please?"
"Sure thing. Anyway, I've got to start working on this paper."
"Oh, and Kate?"
"All's well that ends well."

    The Unexpected
By Karl

After the incident with Sarah and Melissa, I went home, got myself cleaned up, and made some dinner for the three of us. I figured I needed to do whatever I could to stay on the good side of those two or those pictures of me pulling on my cock would get out.
I was pretty sure Melissa would keep things quiet and not blab about the day's events to anyone. Sarah, on the other hand, was someone I hardly knew. She seemed to have something of a mean streak in her or maybe she just enjoyed taunting me. Either way, inviting the girls over for dinner should have been a good idea. I'd have them close to me where I could talk to them and see what I could do to get them to be cool and not tell anyone what happened or share those incriminating pictures with anyone, especially Tiffany. If she found out, I'd die. They'd sworn to keep everything a secret, but I just didn't know for sure if they would keep their word.

I made a simple dinner, the girls showed up right on time, and we ate dinner almost without incident. The conversation had been light and I actually managed to pay attention to what he girls were saying without letting my mind wander too much when they spoke.
While we ate and talked, I was surprised to feel Sarah's foot rubbing my bare leg. She got increasingly bold until her toes ran up the inside of my leg and I felt them come into contact with my cock. I was pretty shocked. I wouldn't have guessed she had any interest in anything more than humiliating me.
Sarah surprised me even more when she looked at me with a grin and winked at me. Stupid me, I didn't know how to react, so I just looked away. Sarah's response was to squeeze my nutsack with her toes, still grinning.

Sarah started rubbing her bare foot up and down on my cock. Even through the shorts I was wearing, the stimulation was enough to give me a hard-on. Luckily, I was seated at the table and no one could see underneath.
Melissa got suspicious of the foot play under the table and asked, "What are you two doing? You look like a couple of junior-high kids flirting."
"I didn't do anything," Sarah said, quickly pulling her foot away from my cock.

After dinner, we moved into the living room and sat down on the couch together. I was kind of surprised when the girls sat on each side of me and had me in the middle. I didn't really expect it.
Without saying anything, Sarah picked up the TV remote, turned the TV on, and started flipping through channels. We started watching TV, but about the time that I'd get interested in something, Sarah would flip the channel to something else.
While Sarah flipped through the channels, Melissa got on her cell phone and started calling her friends. I didn't pay attention to everything she said, but I did hear her tell someone to come over. Before I had the chance to complain about Sarah flipping the channels, the girls started harassing me like high-school girls might. First, Melissa poked me in the side with her finger. It kind of surprised me so I jumped a little. When I turned to poke her back, Sarah tickled me on my opposite side. Before I knew it, we were in a full-on tickle fight. I hadn't been involved in something that silly in years, probably since I was in college myself. I have to confess that it was really fun, especially since it involved grabbing and groping the two girls as we played around.
Melissa seemed intent on just tickling me, but Sarah was much more aggressive. She wasn't satisfied with just tickling me. She also pinched me a few times and gave me a noogie.

After a few minutes, we were on the floor in front of the couch and the girls were on top of me. Neither of the girls was dressed appropriately for the rolling around we were doing on the floor. They were both in denim skirts. Melissa had a tank top on and Sarah was wearing a top with spaghetti straps.
While we wrestled, Melissa was trying to pin my arms at my side. In the process, I could see up her short skirt. She was wearing white, cotton panties. Meanwhile, Sarah was tickling me on my sides. I was wiggling and squirming on the floor, but I had a hard time fighting her off of me with Melissa keeping my arms busy as she was trying to pin me to the floor.

Melissa's cell phone rang, but she ignored it and kept wrestling with me. A few times, Sarah squeezed my balls through my shorts. I think she got the reaction she wanted. She kept doing it and I kept squirming. A few seconds later, when Melissa's cell phone stopped ringing, Sarah's phone rang. She stopped torturing me, got on her hands and knees and got her cell phone off the coffee table.
"Hello," she said. After a pause, she continued, "Yeah, we're right next door. Come on over. I'll let you in." Then, she hung up.
I took this opportunity to take advantage of Melissa. I pushed her off of me and rolled over on top of her. "What are you going to do now?" I asked, holding both her hands in one of mine while I tickled her sides with my free hand.
Sarah didn't wait for the doorbell to ring. She'd gotten up, opened the front door and let two more girls into the house. I didn't recognize either of them.
I'd already pinned Melissa to the floor. I pushed her hands down and pinned her arms to the floor with my legs, careful not to hurt her. This gave me the chance to tickle Melissa mercilessly. She flailed about and tried to break free, but without Sarah's help, it was no use. In the process, my hands came into contact with her breasts a few times. I wondered if Melissa knew how much I enjoyed that.
"Hey, guys," Sarah said, standing in front of me with two other two girls. "This is Steve. Steve, this is Linda and April. They're friends of ours."
"Hi, ladies," I smiled. "Nice to meet you." The girls were cute. Linda looked Latin. She had long, dark hair and a voluptuous, deeply-tanned body. Out of the four girls, she had the biggest tits, which were spilling out of the low top she was wearing.

April was a petite blonde with the smallest tits of the four. She was wearing a little tube top and a pair of shorts that looked like they were painted on her. Her small tits had that hard look to them, like you get from too much padding and not enough flesh in the bra.
"Nice to meet you, too," Linda greeted. I shook her hand. April just waved a hand and grinned.
"Please, have a seat," I waved an arm over toward the couch. Both girls moved to the couch and sat down where the girls and I had been sitting.
"So, you want to take advantage of a girl while I'm letting the other guests in?" Sarah asked with a grin as she moved into position around behind me and started tickling me from the back again. After a few quick moves, the girls had the advantage again, the girls were on top of me, and I was flat on my back again. Honestly, I didn't mind.
"If you need some help down there, just let me know," April said chimed in from the couch. I assumed she was talking to the girls and not to me.
"Come on then," Sarah answered. She was really tickling me hard now. April wasted no time joining in the melee.
I felt three sets of hands on me now, tickling me all over my body. I was cackling uncontrollably and wiggling like a fish out of water.
"That's not fair," I heard Linda say. I couldn't see her with the other three girls tickling me, but I could tell by the direction of her voice that she wasn't on the couch any more. She was somewhere nearby.
Linda had apparently chosen to take my side in the wrestling match, which I thought was nice, considering how outnumbered I was. Melissa shrieked and stopped tickling me. Linda had started a tickle attack of her own and had started with Melissa as her first victim.

It was just me and four girls on the floor, wrestling around and tickling one another. With the softness of their bodies brushing up against me, I was aware of every touch. They each had a unique smell, too. Three of the girls smelled of perfume, but not Melissa. She simply smelled like fresh-cut flowers.
I could feel a breast here and a bare leg there. At one point, I felt Melissa's warm panty-covered crotch rubbing right up on my arm. As she moved around, she positioned her butt so that my hand was under her skirt and I could tell she was wearing only a thong because my bare hand came into contact with her bare ass. She didn't seem to mind my hand being there, but I instinctively pulled it out of there and tried not to touch her too much on the way out, but she moved a little and my whole hand brushed across her ass and pussy like I'd done it on purpose.
Feeling my hand glide across her pussy, Melissa let out a yelp of surprise.
"Pervert!" she screamed, and smacked me in the shoulder with a clenched fist. She wasn't really upset with me, but she did seem pleasantly surprised.
All this wrestling around and physical contact was making my cock get hard. I couldn't help it. The feeling of their bodies pressing against me and the sweet, feminine smell of them was too much for me to resist. I was aroused, but I was also getting worried. One of them was bound to notice my stiffening little cock soon. As much as I enjoyed rolling around on the floor with four hot girls, I needed a distraction or a reason to break out of the wrestling match before they discovered my boner, but I had no idea what to do.
I didn't have to think of a plan. Linda made the distraction herself. She was in the middle of tickling Melissa relentlessly, so Melissa turned around and playfully bit into one of Linda's large breasts. Linda let out a yelp that was more shock than pain and said, "I'll get you, bitch."

Linda reached down and grabbed the bottom of Melissa's skirt and pulled it up over her waist, giving me a great view of Melissa's thong-covered ass.
"Shit!" I gasped.
"Bitch," Melissa responded with a giggle as she tried to pull her skirt back down, but Linda had a good grip on it.
"Wedgie!" Linda shouted, using her other hand to grab the waistband of Melissa's thong and pull it right up her ass crack. If I hadn't had a boner already, I would have gotten one at that sight. Linda and Melissa were both laughing.
April turned her attention away from tickling me for a second and slapped Melissa's bare ass. Despite Melissa's struggles, Linda somehow managed to pull the skirt up further and further on Melissa's slim frame. Now, it was up over her chest like a tube top covering her top and I could see everything below the waist from the back. I got a good, close-up look at her nicely puckered asshole, which was beautiful and pink.

Melissa was trying to break free and was squirming all over the place. She turned around. Her panties had been pulled tight enough from the back to make them slide over a little in the front. Half of her pussy was exposed to me and the seam of the panties was submerged into her slit. My cock stiffened even more. I could see that her outer lips had parted and her inner lips were wet and glistening.
April turned her attention to me and took over where Melissa had been trying to pin me. She giggled and started tickling me. "Enjoying the show?" she asked, plopping down on top of me with her back to Sarah.

Sarah wasn't at all distracted by anything that was going on. She was still tickling me. Then, I'm not sure what happened. I guess Sarah had tried to pull April back toward my waist a bit by latching onto her tube top, but I was already holding April's wrists in my hands, which caused her to freeze in place, even though Sarah was tugging at the tube top.
Without knowing what was going to happen, I inadvertently stopped April from acting in time to keep her top from coming down. I was struggling with her to keep her from tickling me when Sarah pulled at April's tube top, forcing it straight down her body.
In one swift motion, April's top and bra flopped right off her tits and down onto her waist. As the top went down, a piece of padding flew out of each cup of the bra and I got a good eyeful of her tits, well, what there was of them. I'd guessed she was an A cup when I first saw her, but now, with her tits uncovered and sticking out in front of me, I could see that her bra held more stuffing than it did any breasts. She was completely flat. Her tits didn't even make the slightest bump on her chest. Her nipples were long and erect, though.

Now, April struggled to break free of my grip to cover her breasts. I let go of her and her hands went right for her tube top, which she pulled up quickly.
"Shit!" Melissa giggled. "I knew you stuffed, but I didn't know it was ALL stuffing." The other girls laughed.
"Bitches!" April yelped. She was clearly pissed off. She reached across the floor to get her padding but before she could reach it, Linda picked it up and waved it in front of her.
April's face was flush with embarrassment. The girls were laughing at her. I felt bad for her. I could empathize with how she felt. I was in a similar situation earlier that day and I hadn't liked being on the receiving end of it.

April swung her hand around to slap Linda, but Linda blocked it and still had time to grab April's top and pull on it. As she did, April struggled to keep the top on, but she couldn't. The thin material ripped away from her body and was in more than one piece. Linda held it up for everyone to see, then reached for the bra, which came away from April's body even easier than the tube top did.
"Bitch!" April screamed, covering her nipples by crossing her arms in front of her chest. "I can't believe you just did that." I couldn't believe it, either. April was sitting there in front of me with no top on. Her tits were much smaller than she led everyone to believe they were. If it wasn't for the stuffing of the bra, she'd have no tits at all.
"That explains why you never go swimming with us," Melissa laughed.
Now, April was sitting on the floor with her hands covering her tiny tits. Before I could wonder what would happen next, Sarah leaned back without warning and her arm bumped into my hard, little cock. I hoped she wouldn't notice, but she homed in on my cock like a radar.
"Whoa," she said, turning to face my groin. I tried to sit up, but April was still partially on top of me. Sarah reached out and grabbed my cock through my shorts and fondled me without my permission. "He has a hard-on," Sarah announced to everyone.

April spun around and faced my crotch to see what Sarah was talking about. Like Sarah, April reached out a hand and grabbed my little cock through my shorts.
"He DOES!" April laughed. "Not a very big one, but a hard-on for sure," she said.

"You gotta see it," Sarah said. "He has the smallest cock I've ever seen." I was so embarrassed. Again, the girls were making fun of me, and now, in front of two new girls. At least I wasn't the only one being embarrassed. April's tiny tits took part of the attention off of me.
"You've seen it?" Linda asked. "When?"
"Today," Sarah gloated. "He jacked off for us. It was sooo funny."
"Let's see it," Linda beamed.
"Yeah, let's have a look," April agreed. "Get those shorts off."
"No way," I said. "There's no way I'm taking off my shorts."
Sarah's free hand went for the waistband of the shorts. Before she could get them down, I was able to push April off of me enough that I could block Sarah, frantically gripping the waist of my shorts with both hands.
"I bet I can make you change your mind," Sarah slipped a hand into the waist of my shorts. Now, she roughly gripped my bare cock under the shorts. "How about if I do this?" she asked, roughly stroking my cock inside my shorts. Even as rough as she was handling my tiny little cock, it still felt pretty good. I just wished it wasn't under these circumstances.
"No way," I secretly wished she wouldn't stop.
Sarah's hand moved from my cock to probe further inside my shorts. Her fingers wrapped around my balls now and she started to squeeze.
"Maybe this is a more convincing argument?" she asked, squeezing harder.
"Ow, shit," I groaned in pain. "That hurts."
Sarah's grip on my balls tightened and I felt a fingernail or two start to sink into my delicate skin. A little more pressure, and I think she'd have started to do some real damage. It was very painful.
"How about now?" she asked.
"Okay, okay," I reluctantly agreed through gritted teeth. "Just let go of my balls."
"Let go of your shorts," she ordered. I complied and let go of the shorts. Sarah loosened her grip on my balls a bit. She was still holding them, but the pressure was nowhere near as great. I was surprised when April turned the rest of the way around, took her hands off her tits, gripped my shorts on both sides and started tugging them down.

Sarah gripped my balls tightly again. "Raise your ass so she can get them down," Sarah ordered. The pain was intense, so I complied quickly. With my butt up in the air, April was able to pull my shorts down easily. This also caused my cock to stand up on display for the four girls to look at with ease. I was totally humiliated again. The four girls were giggling to themselves when my little cock came into sight, sticking up from my groin with Sarah's hand gripping my nuts.
I was surprised that I still maintained an erection with Sarah inflicting so much pain on me and with the humiliation of the four girls looking at my little cock.
"Wow, it really is small," April said.
"You'd know. You're the expert on small things," Linda said. The rest of the girls laughed at her.
"Melissa likes it," Sarah added in what seemed like an attempt to embarrass Melissa.
"I just get turned on by seeing you guys humiliate him. That's all." Melissa defended herself.
"Really?" Linda asked. "How about now?"
"Well," Melissa looked a little embarrassed herself. "I kinda like seeing April embarrassed the same way. I don't know why, but it's getting me so wet."
"I like seeing him humiliated, too." Linda agreed. "What should we do with him now?"
"Make him lay there," Melissa suggested. "and spread his legs so we can all get a better look."
Melissa stood up and walked around toward my feet. Linda followed her.
"Open your legs," Sarah commanded. I had no choice but to comply. I spread my legs to show them.

All four girls were staring at me in this humiliating position. Sarah still had her grip on my balls, but she'd relaxed her grip so it wasn't as painful now. My cock was standing straight up and facing the ceiling.
April stopped attempting to cover her tits. She reached out one hand and roughly gripped my cock, giving it a few pumps then rested her hand on my lower abdomen.
"It's small, but it's really hard," April said.
"Do you ever get any pussy?" Linda asked, kneeling beside me and looking at my little cock the whole time.
"Sometimes," I said, embarrassed.
"Ever get any second dates?" Linda asked.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Melissa asked.
"Well, I'm sure anybody who gets that little thing will not want seconds from him after the disappointment," Linda explained. She took my cock into her hand and handled it as if she was examining it for other defects. She was a lot more gentle with it than the other girls had been. She didn't stroke it, either. She just ran her hands all over it, feeling its shape. She ran a finger around the head of it, sliding her finger around the edge of the head of my cock. "I'm sorry, but it's just too small to give a woman any real pleasure."

That hurt. I felt so inadequate at the moment. I was lying on my own floor with my little cock out and four beautiful women were talking about how I couldn't give pleasure.
Linda pushed Sarah's hand off my balls, then massaged them gently in her hands. "Just because he has a small cock doesn't mean you have to abuse him," She scolded Sarah. "He can't help it he has this tiny cock. I'm sure he'd rather have a big, fat dick if he had the choice."
"Wouldn't we all?" Sarah responded with a grin.
Linda massaged my balls with on hand. Her other hand rested on my stomach. I was starting to get the feeling Linda actually cared about how I felt and didn't want me to be embarrassed about my small cock. That didn't change the fact that she felt I couldn't satisfy a woman, though.
"Of course," Linda added, "A little cock like this would make giving head a hell of a lot easier.
wouldn't it?" Linda looked at me for a response. I nodded my head.
"Do you find that a lot of girls like to give you head?" Linda asked.
"I guess so," I answered.
"I bet you do. I like the taste of a dick in my mouth, but if it's a big one, I have to shove it down my throat to get it all in. With you, I bet I could put the whole thing in and still be able to lick the head of your cock with my tongue."

My cock twithed. I realized she wasn't being mean earlier. She was just someone who tells it like it is. With her massaging my balls and talking about sucking my cock, I was even hornier than before. I could feel a drop of pre-cum forming at the tip of my cock. It didn't go unnoticed by Linda, either. As soon as she saw it, she took her hand off my stomach, used it to pull her hair out of her face as she bent over and licked the precum off the tip of my cock. Her warm tongue sent lightning bolts through my cock. I felt like I was going to cum right there. Instead, my cock produced another glistening drop of precum, which she again leaned down and licked off. Then, she opened her mouth and sucked all of my cock into it. As she did, her tongue swirled around my cock, causing me to stiffen my body and press my hips toward her face.
"Wow," Sarah said, placing her hands down on my thighs.
I couldn't believe it. Linda, this big-titted beauty was giving me the most awesome blow job I'd ever had in my life while three other girls watched.
I couldn't keep still. I squirmed in ecstasy beneath Linda sucking my cock and April sitting on my chest. I placed a hand on April's back and felt her smooth skin. She didn't seem to mind me touching her, so I took the other hand and let it snake around to her front. Starting with her stomach and moving its way up her body, I felt her tiny titties each in turn, tweaking at her stiffened nipples and pinching them between my fingers.

April half turned to look at me. Seeing the pleasure in my face put a smile on hers. April pressed a hand against my face, then let her finger trace around my lips.
"Do you like her sucking your little cock?" April asked. I nodded my head. "Show me how you want it sucked," she pushed her index finger into my mouth and I started sucking on it. "Ah, I bet you'd make a good cocksucker yourself."

Linda had an expert mouth. I was doing everything I could to keep from cumming as her tongue continued to dance around the head of my cock. Linda wasn't shy about it, either. She was making lots of noise herself, which was also very arousing. She didn't try to mask the sucking and slurping sounds she made with her mouth and my cock and she added her own sounds of grunts and moans. She was truly enjoying herself.
Melissa walked back up to the group. I hadn't even known she had walked away. I wondered where she'd gone, then I realized what she'd done when the camera flashed. She'd gone to get her digital camera so she could take more humiliating pictures of me.
When the camera flashed, I wasn't the only one who was surprised and shocked. April covered her tits and stood up and out of the view of the camera. Sarah didn't seem to mind. Linda stopped sucking my cock, sat up and shouted, "Hey! What the fuck do you think you're doing?"
"Tanking pictures," Melissa answered like the answer was obvious.
"What the fuck for?" Linda asked.
"To commemorate the moment, I guess."
"Don't you think you should warn someone or ASK before taking a picture of a woman with a cock in her mouth?"
"Geez, calm down. I didn't think you'd mind."
Linda didn't respond for a second. When she did, she said, "Well, I don't mind, but you could at least let us get ready first."
"Oh, okay." Melissa stood and waited. "Go ahead and get ready then."
Linda looked thoughtful for a few seconds, then peeled her top off to expose a fully-filled bra. She reached behind her, unhooked the bra, and slid it off over her shoulders. When she did, her tits drooped ever so slightly, but maintained their beautiful round shape. Both of her beautiful brown nipples were pierced and her tits were magnificent.

Linda stood and peeled off her shorts and panties. I think they were thongs, but I hardly saw them. She had them off too quick for me to see. Her skin was the same color all over, a natural tan. Her pussy was completely bald and she had a tiny tattoo of a rose just above that clean-shaven muff.
"I've never seen that before," Sarah pointed to the tattoo. Linda turned to show her the tattoo. I saw Sarah look at the tattoo intently, like she was studying its details. I also caught her sneaking peeks directly at Linda's pussy.
After Sarah had ample time to check out Linda's tattoo (and her pussy), Linda got back down on her knees in front of me. "This is no good," she repositioned herself, turning her body and placed one knee on the other side of me with her ass facing me. Linda got down on all fours and slipped my cock back into her mouth. Her tits dangled and pressed against my stomach, the nipple rings rubbing against me while her beautiful, bald pussy was staring me right in the face.
I reached up and grabbed her ass, pulling her pussy down to my face., taking in the sight of her lovely pussy in such close proximity to my face. Her lips were open wide. Her juices glistened on them.

I lifted my head a little. I wanted to repay her for the great pleasure she was giving me and the great job she was doing sucking my cock. I was still doing everything I could not to cum, but I knew it wouldn't be long before I lost all control and shot my load.
I wanted to suck on her pussy and I'm sure she was ready for it, too. I was ready to put my mouth on her cunt, but I wanted to tease her a little bit first.
I opened my mouth and placed it over her pubic mound. At the feel of the touch of my mouth on her mound, Linda shuddered a bit. I hadn't touched her pussy, but she flinching in anticipation of my mouth on her cunt. I kissed her bald mound, then moved my mouth down to the side of her pussy in the crease between her pussy and her thigh.
Linda's breath was getting hotter on my cock and balls as I kissed my way around her pussy without actually touching it. Her lips were getting wetter with the anticipation of my tongue and mouth on her pussy.
I couldn't see what April was doing, but she wasn't saying anything. Melissa was still taking pictures with her digital camera and was circling us, getting pictures of the two of us from every angle. Even when I couldn't see her, I knew she was still taking them because I could catch the flash in the corner of my eye every 30 seconds or so, sometimes more often.
The whole time, she was making recommendations and some coaching, like when she told Linda to take my cock out of her mouth and show it to the camera. She also told me to spread Linda's pussy for the camera, which I happily did. I spread her pussy lips apart with my thumbs, opening her as wide as I could for the camera without actually touching her pussy.

I knew I would be cumming soon. I wanted to give Linda some pleasure before I lost all control and spilled my cum into her talented mouth. I stuck out my tongue and found Linda's clit. As I did, her body quivered as if a bolt of electricity had spewed from my tongue and passed through her body. She took her mouth off my cock briefly to let out a low-pitched moan.
At the first touch of my tongue on her clit, she pressed her pussy against my face, pushing my head back to the floor, then she rubbed her pussy up and down on my face, getting the juices of her cunt all over me. While her pussy slithered across my face, she licked at my cock again frantically with a renewed interest. I couldn't take much more of this. I was going to cum, and I was going to cum hard.
I tried to keep my mouth locked over Linda's pussy, but I couldn't. She was moving it all over my face in a random pattern. I felt my balls tighten and my cock flinch. I was ready to cum and there was no stopping it. I tightened my buttocks and raised my hips to meet Linda's face. She pulled back, taking my cock out of her mouth, announcing, "He's going to cum." Meanwhile, she pumped at my cock with her fist, jerking me off with more vigour than anyone else ever had. I was about to explode. Melissa moved into position with her camera.

Linda had stopped gyrating her hips. I could feel the eruption building in my balls. When I started to cum, it was intense. I gritted my teeth. I couldn't remember an orgasm as strong as this one in a long time. I couldn't control myself. My hips bucked up in the air and back down again. Linda's pussy was directly over my face. I raised my head again, pressing my open mouth against her pussy. I stuck my tongue in and sucked on her juicy cunt as hard as I could while pumping my cum all over her hand. Linda groaned and tried to pull her pussy away from me, but I held her hips and kept her in place, flicking my tongue around her pussy as much as I could while still keeping suction on her cunt as I finished my orgasm.
I'd finished cumming, but Linda wasn't finished yet. As I sucked her pussy, she milked my cock with her fingers. Satisfied that she'd milked as much of my cum as she was going to get with her hand, she wrapped her lips around my cock again and sucked at it, making sure she got every last drop of my cum.

I pulled my tongue back a bit and flicked at her clit as fast as I could, while still sucking at her pussy with my lips.
"Oh, shit," She grunted through clenched teeth. "You fucker... Yeah, right there. That's the spot."
I kept licking. She let go of my cock completely and pressed her pussy against my face while I lapped at her clit.
"Ah..." she cooed. Her hips bucked and her pussy quivered on top of me. She was cumming. I could feel her body shake and spasm from my licking her cunt. I reached past her hips and grabbed her tits in my hands and squeezed them firmly in each hand.
Linda groaned more loudly and bucked on my face slightly as her orgasm started to subside. Linda raised her pussy off of me, then crawled backward on top of me, letting her dangling tits pass my face, then our faces lined up. She was facing upside down from me with my head on the floor.
"Did you like that?" she asked with a grin, her eyes looking directly into mine.
"It was awesome," I said, suddenly embarrassed at how my softening cock was now on display for everyone to see.

"I'm glad you liked it. You may have a tiny cock, but you're really good with your mouth."
"Thanks," I didn't have time to say any more. Linda dropped her face over mine. Lining up her chin with my nose, she kissed me. I opened my mouth to take her tongue in. As I did, she kissed me with passion, tasting her own juices she'd smothered all over my face. When she pulled her face away, she sat up, making no attempt to cover herself.
"Did you get some good pictures?" Linda asked Melissa.
"I sure did," Melissa grinned. "Some of these with his cock in your mouth are great."
Sarah slapped me on the leg. "I guess there's a use for you after all, tiny. I mean aside from being a source of comic relief."
I looked around to see April returning to the room. I'd wondered what she'd been doing all this time. When she emerged from the hallway, she was wearing one of my shirts. It was at least three sizes too big, but it got the job done. Her little tits were safely hidden behind the cotton material again.
I grabbed my shorts and pulled them back on.
"What are we going to do with him now?" Melissa asked.
"Give me a little time. I'm sure I can think of something..."

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