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How to weed out the FAKES, FRAUDS and PHONIES from the Garden of Eden!

    The Internet is filled with Swinger websites. Whether they are free sites or *Pay to Play* sites that charge a monthly fee, you can be sure of ONE FACT. 85% of ALL Swingers Ads can be 3 specific categories: FAKES, FRAUDS and PHONIES.

They're everywhere! Since swinger websites were created giving us the ability to post personal information to aid in meeting others that live an Alternative Lifestyle, however no matter how hard the Utopian Swingers try, we simply must live with the understanding that the majority of Ads have always been bogus.

First there are a number of these Ads that fall into the outright FAKES category. They have been placed by the owners of the magazine or Internet website to make visitors look like they have many more interested people than they actually do. After all, this type of false advertising dates back to the late 1980ís where bar owners made guests wait outside the front door for 10 minutes even if the bar was half empty, just so that drivers-by would think that it was the busiest and Hippest place to be in town. Oh the good-ole days. I can remember paying $5 cover to get in a bar that had 10 customers on a night that was so slow the band had gone home.
These Website owners place these fake Ads describing people that donít exist, using photos of people from foreign countries or from obituary listings (so their deceit will never be detected). Seeing the sheer number of Ads on a Website will attract you to open your wallet and spend that *Automatically Renewable* monthly charge to your Credit Card.

FRAUDS, although actually fewer in number than the other categories can be much more frustrating and bordering on dangerous. This section could easily be about how people are tricked into doing things and getting and giving out personal information. The computer is a wonderful interactive tool that we can be used for to contact other REAL Swingers, however on the opposite end of the spectrum consists of the FRAUDS who use it to gather information, research marks, and for solicitation as well. Money is what drives these FRAUDS to do what they do and attempt to prey on the gullible and naive.

The remainder of the 85 percent who are on swinger websites can be labelled PHONIES. Donít try to answer the age old question: Why do people do this? For every moron in the world, there is a completely different explanation for their lack of intelligence. Why do people pretend to be something they're not? For entertainment of course! You have to remember to think like a person who has *Absolutely No Social Life or Social Skills*. Fun is the key word here and it's what drives PHONIES to do what they do. They find it fun to fool you into thinking that they are real. Interaction with you is amusing and if you fall for it, maybe you will let them see some of your most intimate pictures so they in turn can save them for later use with someone else. PHONIES also love online chat rooms where they can pretend to be ANYTHING that their twisted and sickly minds wish to impersonate.

There are some simple keys to protecting yourself from wasting your time, energy and monies with these losers. In diagnosing the overall landscape it can obviously stated loudly that ALL REAL SWINGERS have larger and fuller developed minds than the undereducated FAKES, FRAUDS and PHONIES.
First, make sure that you read the people's entire profile before responding. You will be surprised that after completely reading the totality of the Ad, you will automatically find Red Flags springing to an erect state. There are Ads listed online that have the different ages listed from one paragraph to the next one. Unbelievable maybe, but the stupidity of these people is laughable and can reveal things that simply don't add up.

Next, examine the photos clearly in the Ad. If there is No picture on the profile, ask them to exchange photos with you using email. If they are not willing to do that, just move on. If they demand that you send photos first, play the game and send any G-Rated photos of you both, and then observe their reaction. You agreeing instantaneously and sending photos immediately will throw a monkey-wrench into their plans, as they NEVER EXPECTED anyone to actually act in a genuine fashion. If they actually do send return photographs to you, youíll get an instant measurement as to the credibility of your new *friends*. Be aware of the sexy couple where they both look like models, it could be someone pretending to be a couple using stolen pictures. If they are professional-looking pictures that could have been downloaded from an online modeling website or scanned from a magazine, Exit Stage Left. Authentic models would mention in their Ad warning that they are people who are in the public spotlight. Pictures that you feel are just too perfect Ė ARE! Pictures that look like they have been taken off a porn site are posted by small-dicked single men that canít get laid anywhere in real life. Also skip over the couples that send home-made amateur pornographic shots. Even if they are a real couple, they are spending time trying to arouse you for a reason. Real Swingers do not need to see cumm leaking out of a pussy to decide whether they are going to meet-n-greet you. You will find that these amateur porn stars are simply nothing more than exhibitionists attempting to add spark in their otherwise needy lives. They are not the people that you should choose to swing with, they have WAY TO MANY unresolved issues to get mixed up with.

When reading the entire Ad, ALWAYS remember BUYER BEWARE !!! If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS. If it sounds like a porn ad then skip it. If the Ad is very short, is missing important content, or is filled with spelling and grammatical mistakes, it doesn't mean that they aren't real people who are serious in their search; it does however mean that it wasnít important enough to them to put enough thought or effort into it to be serious about getting quality responses. If you donít think they are quality people, or are people that you would respect as acquaintances, skip them and keep searching. Remember the old saying: *You are your own licker control board*.

Other things that should ALWAYS raise doubts when checking profiles and that should force you to skip to the next page immediately:
Husbands that claim they play alone with wives approval. NO!!!
People who Refusal to answer simple questions that people casually talk about.
People who communicate with nothing but demands and offer nothing in return. Itís a man.
Men who claim that they are a couple, and yet the wife is away, on vacation, lives in another location, has a different phone contact etc. etc.
People who seem more interested in getting you on web cam than meeting in public. Iíve been swinging since 1981 and have never been on web cam with another couple. We have sex in person, not cybersex online !!!
Before meeting ANYONE from the in person, explain that you MUST exchange phone numbers for the 2 WOMEN to talk prior to arranging a first meeting. Fakes, Frauds and Phonies will be totally cornered. Be prepared for foul language, ridiculous excuses and evil threats, but stand your ground. Remember in this technological age, people can own pre-paid cell phones that are totally untraceable back to the owner, so there is NO REASON why they cannot provide you with a contact phone number. Also make sure that the area code makes sense as well, this will eliminate the overseas assholes trying to swindle you into something illegal. No phone number, no femaleĖfemale telephone conversation, NO MEETING !!! Ask them what is the best time to call and only ask to speak to her. Be cautious if the wife is never around. Make a log of the dates, times and excuses the male gives of where she is and what she is doing. After 3 Bullshit calls where the man answers and she is not available, call 3 times when you know he will not be home. If you do reach a female, be sure to explain the entire story to her. She may not know that he is trying to screw around behind her back, so your information may be critical to saving a marriage. Wouldnít you want to know if the situations were reversed !!!
Once speaking to her and getting a positive feeling about their level of sincerity; make the arrangements to meet at your local On-Premise Club. It is the absolute best place for a first meeting - bar none !!! This is for many reasons, the most important being that the Club organisers already have a screening process in place t owed out the unmentionables. They are much more experienced at this sort of thing than you are. Let the professionals do the work, LOL.
Secondly, meeting at the local coffee shop or corner bar is a sure fire method of getting your involvement spread in the gossip express for 25 miles in every direction. Remember, Fakes, Frauds and phonies hang out at local watering holes when they arenít online, and so do all the gossip hounds from the local community.
And Lastly, and the most rude one of all, Yes I will be rude if it means telling you the entire truth, If you meet them at your On-premise club and they turn out to be disgusting people in person, total morons or just plain ugly; in the Club environment you have the freedom to get the Hell away from them and pass them off to someone else to fuck. If you are sitting in a deserted corner bar, just the 4 of you, and you know that you couldnít fuck these people with your Ex-father-in-laws cock, it may be an awfully awkward and uncomfortable predicament to get out of the door and run for Hell. At an On-premise club, you can always get *hooked-up* with some other friends and quietly brush them off with a *maybe next time* comment and hope like Hell that someone else finds them interesting.

I hope that you found this interesting. I can surely go into much more detail and cover many more tips that I have accumulated over the years if you wish. Swingers Ads and the Internet ARE extremely helpful tools. They can be a terrific assistance to you in meeting other like-minded people within the Alternative Lifestyles. Once you learn the little tricks to quickly eliminate the Fakes, Frauds and Phonies, you will begin meeting a much higher percentage of Good Real People, and especially Utopian Swingers.

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