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Is The Grass Really Greener On the Other Side Of The Street ???

    Debbie had gone over to Sue's house across the street for the usual coffee and snack. One thing that had always amazed Debbie was how clean the house was. For a woman that worked as much as Sue did, it just didn't seem possible how she could keep her house so neat and tidy. The coffee tasted sweet with just the right amount of cream and sugar in it. Everything was always perfect at Sue's house, while Debbie's house was a mess.
"How do you find the time to make such good cake and keep your house so fucking clean?" asked Debbie.
"Kev does most of the house work for me," Sue explained.
"What? How did you ever get Kevin to do that?"
Sue thought about Debbie's question. Did she really want to tell her friend the truth? Kevin was practically a slave to Sue's every whim. It wasn't as if he had a choice in the matter. How could he?
"He loves me, Deb that's all," Sue lied.
She hoped that Debbie would buy it, but the expression on her friend's face told her that she didn't believe her.
"There has to be something more to it than that. Why don't you tell me? I am mean we grew up together for goodness sake," Debbie blurted out, while taking a drink of her coffee.
Sue took a sip from her coffee mug and said, "Kev has a small cock."
The coffee came flying out of Debbie's mouth has she tried to fight back the laughter.
"I don't get it, Sue. What's Kevin's cock size got to do with anything?"
Sue rolled her eyes. Maybe, she shouldn't have told Debbie. Her friend was always a little slow when it came to this sort of thing.
" Kev feels small and wants to make it up to me, that’s why he does things for me?" "His cock is small in comparison to my pussy, he always wiggles and squirms so much while he's in me."
"Oh, I get it. He feels tiny, because you have a big pussy,” Replied Debbie.
Debbie must have just thought that every guy had an enormous cock like her husband Brett, thought Sue.
Debbie always bragged about how her husband's cock had made her feel like a little girl, so why couldn't she put things together?
"My pussy is probably smaller than yours, dear. It's Kev's dick. He's tiny, very tiny."
Debbie rolled her eyes back at Sue, "Ok. Just how tiny is Kevin?"
"Between Three n Four inches."
Debbie twisted her nose up and a strange look came over her face. "Damn that's tiny, Sue."
"Yeah," replied Sue in an unsure voice.
A lot of images of Kevin flashed through Debbie's mind. He was a sexy, soft-spoken man. She hadn't really looked at Kevin's crotch, but now she wanted to. She tried to remember if she had ever paid much attention to it, but nothing came to mind. "What's does he feel like inside of you?"
Sue thought for a moment. She knew how Debbie was going to react when she answered the question, but what the hell? "He feels nice inside of me. Surprisingly, he has given me some the best orgasms I've ever had."
"What? How can you even feel him inside of you?"

Sue smiled, "Can't you feel your finger inside of you?" "I have given myself some great orgasms with just my finger, it hits all of my most sensitive parts." "Just imagine your finger as a little cock with body heat coming out it?"
A wicked smile came across Debbie's face, as her pussy became moist. She started wondering what it would be like and she wanted to feel Kevin squirming and wiggling inside of her. The gears inside of her head started turning. "That sounds great, Sue. But, can it compete with the feeling of being full? Have you ever felt a man's cock in your stomach?"
Sue's eyes widened. She had been with a couple of other guys before Kevin, but it never felt like that.
"I see that you haven't and I can tell that it's making you wet”, exclaimed Debbie as she got up from the table and ran her hand up Sue's skirt. The heat from her panties was incredible. Sue was frozen and her breathing started getting heavier. Debbie and Sue had gotten each other off before, but not while talking about their husbands.
"Ohhh...Deb...you're right. I want to feel full”, added Sue.
Debbie said nothing, but continued to rub Sue through her silk panties. The soft female hand felt good against Sue's aching pussy.
"And I want to feel what is like to be in control and to have a man wiggle inside of me. I want to have what you have," replied Debbie.

Sue's mind was racing within in itself. She couldn't think. Debbie had the upper hand in this situation and Sue was powerless. It had been ages since she had been sexually powerless. Debbie continued working her hand, until she pulled Sue's panties down. Debbie inserted three fingers inside of Sue and started opening them as she entered her friend's tight pussy.
"You’re a tight one, ain't you?"
"Please...Deb...I can't stand it."
Debbie smiled and continued working her magic fingers, until Sue exploded on the dining room chair."That was great, right?" asked Debbie.
"Yeah. I didn't think you had it in you."
"How would you like to feel powerless like that with a huge cock?"
Sue was quiet for a few moments. Was Debbie offering her a night with Brett? And what did she want in exchange? Then like a thunderbolt, it hit her. "You want to switch husbands for the night, is that it?"
An evil smile cracked across Debbie's face.
"What do you say, Sue?"
"Well, we are best friends and I suppose we should share everything."
"Of course we should," came her friend's reply.
"How will we convince Kevin and Brett?"
"We'll make them an offer they can't refuse," laughed Debbie.
"I never thought you had it in you, Deb."
And the two women laughed and giggled at their sinister plan.
It didn't take much to talk Brett and Kevin into doing it. So the switch was made. Tiny Kevin found himself in Debbie's bedroom and Brett found himself with Sue. The sweat was pouring from Kevin's face as he stared at Debbie's body. She was wearing a black lacy bra and panties to match. She was a healthy woman all right. She had large round breasts, a round fat stomach, and solid muscular thighs. How could Sue have talked him into this? Kevin had already stripped down to his white briefs. Debbie wore a wicked smile on her face; she pointed at Kevin and motioned him to come closer. Debbie could see him visibly shaking, as he walked toward her.
"Aren't you just a little sweetie," smiled Debbie.
Big enough!

He felt tiny and powerless against this dark haired beauty. Her meaty hands ran up and down his body, until they found the elastic waistband of his briefs. With one quick motion, the briefs were to his ankles. Debbie got up from the bed and stood a head taller than Kevin. His eyes widened and a look of fright came upon his face. Debbie smiled and wrapped her arms around him. She pulled him closer to her and pressed him against her soft warm body. She could feel his little hardness against her panties. "Relax little one, I won't hurt you."
She took her hands and lowered his head to her massive cleavage. She held him there for a few moments. She released him and pushed him away. She sat down at the edge of the bed and smiled at the sight of him. His face was flushed due to the lack of oxygen he had between her breasts and now his cock was leaking precum. She undone her bra and said, "Come closer, little man. Now get on your knees."
He got on his knees at her feet and started showering her toes with kisses. She felt her panties with her hand and they were wet. She reached her hand under them and started rubbing herself. Brett had never kissed her feet before. Wow, what a lucky girl Sue was!
After she had brought herself off twice, she stood up towering over Kevin. He looked up at her like he was worshipping a goddess. "Stand up, little man." He obeyed her command. She pulled her panties down revealing her big hairy pussy. He looked down at his tiny manhood and a feeling of powerlessness washed over him. She walked over to Kevin and wrapped her meaty hand around his tiny cock completely engulfing it. She led him over to the bed and laid upon it. She made herself comfortable and opened her legs, and said “I want to feel you inside me now Kevin”.
“Just a minute”, replied Kevin. “There’s something that I have to do first”.
And with that, in one motion he buried his face between her legs into her hairy pussy. He began licking all over her pussy, sucking her lips in and out between his lips, running his tongue up and down her moistening slit and finally sucking gently on her growing clit.
“Holy Fuck”, were the only words she could cry out.
Kevin continued eating her for what seemed like forever to her, and she began to have multiple orgasms. Not the kind she experiences when Brett would fuck her really hard, but a more internal and guttural kind of intense shuddering orgasms that just seem to run together.
“Holy Fuck”... “Holy Fuck”.... “Holy Fuck”... , was all that she could muster to say.
Kevin could see her massive vagina becoming more and more engorged, and began flowing with juices. "Come on, Kevin. My big hungry pussy needs you now."
Kevin slowly got on top of her in the missionary position. She grabbed his ass and pushed his little cock into her. It felt tiny in her, but Kevin started wiggling his hips and grinding his groin against hers. A sudden feel power came over Debbie. She felt his little thing moving about in her. He seemed so small and weak, but his little cock was starting to drive her nuts. “Fucking Hell”, she blurted out, and finally, the moment came and she could feel a wave of orgasm wash over her. Her toes curled and her face became distorted. The tremors of her orgasm began sending her over the edge. She began to convulse under him, over and over, screaming at the top of her lungs, “You fucking little bastard”, “My fuckin God”, and “Awwwwwwwwww ....YOU COCK !!!”
Her coming and coming, mixed with her screaming drove him over the edge and she felt his tiny little cock explode. It twitched and spasm’ed inside of her making her cumm again on last time. Kevin slowly pulled out of her, reached for some tissues, removed his condom and fell exhausted and totally spent next to Debbie on the bed. Debbie held Kevin close and stammered, “That little thing is fucking dangerous”.
He chuckled back “Thanks baby, he had great help”.

They both laughed and laid starring at the ceiling trying to catch their breath. Then a few minutes later Debbie broke the silence “I wonder how Sue’s making out”, snickering, referring to the fact that Sue was down the hall about to get skewered by Kevin huge cock. Kevin was so turned on and into what they had been doing that he almost forgot about what was taking place down the hall.

Brett entered Sue's bedroom. Sue was a tiny built woman wearing a push-up bra and matching panties that Kevin had bought her last Christmas. Even though she had celebrated more than 50 birthdays, her in-shape body turned Brett on.
"Why don't you take off those panties and bra? If I wanted to look at those I would've bought a fucking lingerie catalogue." Sue's eyes widened, but she obeyed Brett's strong baritone voice.
"You have a nice little shaved pussy, don't you?"
"Uh...yeah." stammered Sue
"I don't like that much, but you'll do.", joked Brett trying to relieve some of the nervous tension.
Sue stared at Brett in awe and fear. He unbuttoned his cowboy-western style shirt revealing his hairy chest. His bicep bulged, as he tossed the shirt aside. He was half naked with his blue jeans still on. He walked over to Sue and looked down at her. She had a frightened look on her face as Brett kissed her and inserted a finger into her tight pussy at the same time. She moaned and squirmed.
"Damn, you're tight. Damn near like a virgin. I guess we'll need some foreplay before I fuck you. I don't want my cock to get hurt." He laughed.
Brett grabbed Sue by her head and pulled her lips to his. He gave her a long deep kiss. "That's enough. Let’s not waste time."
Brett undone his pants and threw them on the floor with his shirt. He stood there only wearing a pair of white boxers, but she could see the form of his cock pressing against the cotton fabric. She motioned him to come closer to him. She grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down in one movement. His bare cock came flopping out in a flash. There it was in real life, the cock that Debbie had told her about for years during their girl-girl bitching sessions over morning coffee.

Sue's eyes widened at the sight of it. “Jesus Christ” was her initial reaction.
The girth of it was greater than her foreman. The fucking thing almost hung to his knees and he wasn’t even fully hard yet. Sue started to breathe fast and a look of panic came on her face. She reached out to touch the massive cock, but Brett just pushed her hand away. She had no control of this situation whatsoever. Brett grabbed her ankles and opened her legs. Sue felt her heart beating fast and she knew what was going to happen. Brett's cock head entered her. She could feel it, there was no way not to. It was the only thing her mind could think of. There was no bedroom. There were no surroundings. There was nothing, but THAT cock. He shoved it in deeper, about an inch or so. There was pain and pleasure in Sue's voice. Brett was breathing hard, it was hard work opening up a woman as tight as Sue. He slowed his pace; there was no reason to kill her.

Sue felt as helpless as a schoolgirl. He was pushing into her a little at a time. He suddenly stopped and pulled out of her. Brett asked her for some lube. “Good Idea”, agreed Sue.
She reached to the nightstand and grabbed a small tube. She squeezed out a blob onto her hand and started applying it to THAT COCK. “Holy crap” she said as the lube barely covered half of his now fully erect pecker. As she squirted out another gob into her hand all she could think of was a picture in her head of a baseball bat from the days of elementary school gym class. She rubbed lube up and down his enormous shaft until it was glistening wet. This thing was a monster. It must have been nearly 10 inches long and 2 inches across. She thought: How could she ever...
And with that Brett pushed the head back into her pussy and shoved about half of it into her!
She gulped for air as she could hardly catch her breath. She had NEVER been stretched like this. Did she like it?
Brett began sliding in and out of her in super-slow motion. He could feel his width tugging at her clit with every stroke. She couldn’t speak.
After a few minutes of slow fucking, Brett looked at Sue and asked in his low husky voice, “More”.
Sue couldn’t respond. She couldn’t form the words to speak to either agree or disagree with his suggestion. Seeing no objection from her, Brett began to push deeper into her with every stroke. He also began to speed up his pace.
Sue could literally her the combination of the lube and her natural juices slopping out of her with every deeper thrust from this magnificent cock. Her head was buzzing and she felt herself begin to cumm. And at the very moment that she was starting her first orgasm she heard Kevin whisper deeply into her ear: “More ?”
More ! she thought. Holy Fuck... MORE ??? Was he fucking kidding!!!
And she finally gathered her judgment enough to utter “WHAT ?”
“Do you want more ?” asked Brett
Sue couldn’t believe her fucking ears. “Really” she answered.
That was enough of a cue for him and he pushed even deeper into her. He began to slowly and powerfully piston his ball bat in and out of her until he finally hit hard against her cervix bone.
“WOW, you are SOOOOOO Tight”, Brett exclaimed as he forced his entire giant into her
Sue began to convulse in one orgasm and another. She felt herself want to gush, {something that she did from time to time when she was really turned on and came hard, usually when Kevin was eating her and fingering her G-spot at the same time}, anyway she felt like she was about to gush but it was as if it had no place to go and was restricted like a dam in a river.
All of a sudden she felt the dam burst and heard a tremendous splashing sound over and over.
Now it was Brett ‘s turn to call out, “Holy Fuck”
Sue was squirting cumm all around this thick girth and soaking him from his belly to his balls !
She had done it. She had taken him completely. Debbie was right, there was nothing like feeling full. She felt him in her tummy and her hand unconsciously started rubbing it.

"Oh, Fuck”, moaned Brett.
Brett picked up his pace causing screams of pleasure and pain to fill the room. Brett's cock started to swell and Sue gritted her teeth. She grabbed the sheets and squeezed them tight.
Brett was going to exploded but he was going to be sure that she got the fucking of her life first. It was unlike anything Sue had ever felt. She screamed and shouted. He slammed in and out of her. The room was filled with the sounds of his balls slapping hard against her ass with every thrust into her.
“FUCK ME”, she screamed
He didn’t need any more coaching that that. He scooped up her legs and put them up over his broad shoulders. Her knees were up near his ears, and her legs dangled uncontrollably over onto the sides of his back.
Brett was *Giving It To Her*. She had never been fucked like this before. Long, hard strokes, with such force.
Sue began to convulse again, this time repetitively, over and over and over to the point she felt like she was going to pass out.
And then right at the point of no return, Brett smashed into her with such forced she yelped with pain. She could feel that huge cock begin to seizure inside of her. It shuddered, tremoured and convulsed inside of her forcing ripples and vibrations up her spine to her neck and head.

Brett pulled his cock out of her and watched her pussy quiver. Her cum oozed off of it. Sue was almost crying, for she was feeling intense pleasure and pain. Brett laid down beside her and took her in his arms. "There...There, little Sue. It's ok."
He cuddled her and rocked her in his arms. Brett smiled and said, "Want to try anal”
Sue reached for a pillow and began beating him about the head and shoulders, and chased him down the hall whacking him the entire way to the other bedroom where Debbie and Kevin were.
“Anybody have fun?” asked Debbie
And with that all 3 of the others grabbed pillows and began hitting her with them and laughing.

PS. The next morning over the daily ritual coffee after the kids were on their respective school busses, Debbie was begging Sue if she could exchange again in the near future. Sue was playing coy and told her that she didn’t know if Debbie deserved Kevin ’s tiny cock again.
“Please”, begged Debbie, “I never got to suck his cock, that would be so cool to swallow him whole”.
Sue then stopped in her tracks, come to think of it, she hadn’t sucked Brett either. Oh My God, what had she gotten herself in for, how...and what...would she do with THAT COCK ???

I guess that will be another story later on !!!

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