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What do Swingers Look Like ???

    Swingers come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities, ages and forms and more often than not come from backgrounds you would least expect. Swingers don’t wear signs, drive a certain make and model of car. They don’t get tattoos for you to recognize. Swingers ARE the people in the grocery store behind you in line, OR are they the couple in front of you in line, OR is the cashier the swinger in the picture? Some couples have reported going to swingers clubs, only to run into their next door neighbours! There really aren’t any restrictions when it comes to swinging, only in how far you wish to take it.

You do not have to be super model material to be a swinger. Swingers are NEVER Ken and Barbie {ken and Barbie are actually only 12 inches tall and have no sex organs}. It is a myth that only the rich and the beautiful are swingers. The truth is that the diversity of the people who are involved actually represents a cross-section of all demographics from 25 to 75 years of age; however they mostly range between mid thirties up to late fifties. Many Swingers are already married and looking to take their sexual experiences and fantasy fulfilment to the next level. It is a fantastic lifestyle to make and meet a wide variety of people, all of whom share a common interest with one another, that is SWINGING. Meeting like-minded people is an incredibly wonderful experience.
What Swingers Look Like

Swinging can give your life Confidence. Confidence about being secure within your relationship, and Confidence in the person you are. Many women who enter swinging for the first time are afraid of what other people think about their bodies and their sexuality. It can be very daunting, even if your partner adores you, you will doubt your confidence in yourself the first time you explore the swinging scene. After your first swinging experience you will feel more confidence as a person. Before swinging you may have thought yourself as a sexual person, confident in your sexual abilities but with new people it is likely to make you feel timid and unsure of yourself. Swinging teaches you to trust the person YOU ARE and if you have the Confidence within yourself you will enjoy your swinging experiences much more and the people you are swinging with will find you sexier too.

Glossary of Terms

AC/DC – A person who is bisexual.

BDSM – shortened for Bondage, Discipline & Sadomasochism – See Individual terms for description.
BONDAGE – Sexually aroused by being restrained or the subject of corrective treatment. This is a type of sexual fetish, which normally involves things such as ropes or leather which are used to tie a person up. The person being tied up is normally known as the submissive and the person in control is known as the dominant.
DISCIPLINE – A sexual fetish in which one partner physically punishes of their partner, ranging from physical restraint to mild spankings to painful beatings. The use of whips, chains & floggers is common.
SADISM – is the derivation of pleasure as a result of inflicting pain or watching pain inflicted on others.
MASOCHISM – Sexual gratification through receiving pain and humiliation from others.

CAN ENTERTAIN – Means that people who are willing and able to allow other swingers in their home for fun and/or lifestyle parties.

CAN’T TRAVEL – Means they are too lazy to get off their fat asses for even sex. If they refuse to travel for meetings with other swingers, how fucking useful would they actually be in bed anyway! These people should just order a pizza delivered to the door, or better yet a hooker that does house calls.

COUPLE – Simple, A man and A woman, One of Each Sex, either married, or in a serious loving relationship.

DOMINANT/SUBMISSIVE – Where one sexual partner is in control of the other and gets off on telling them what to do. Usually this is an insecure man with a small penis and tons of “Mother issues” that simply can’t get off without bossing a woman around and forcing her to do things against her will. If he finds a woman even more insecure than he is, it can escalate to intimidation and humiliating activities that can stray way away from the bedroom and may include animal-like obedience, the forcing of performing personal errands and household chores. This practise has very little sexuality at its root, it is much more about Ego, supremacy, control and the feeling of authority. Examples of dominants in history: Charles Manson, Caesar Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus (Constantine the Great), Pol Pot, Heinrich Luitpold Himmler (Reichsführer-SS Nazi Gestapo).

DP – Short for Double Penetration, where two men enter both the vagina and anus simultaneously on one woman.

ENGLISH CULTURE – Sexual stimulation from spanking or caning.

EXHIBITIONISM - Sexual need to show the private parts of their body to others.

FETISH – Sexual arousal and pleasure through use of non sexual objects and actions.

FRENCH – Oral genital sexual activity.

GENEROUS - Refers to someone that expects money for sex, a prostitute but won’t admit it.

GREEK CULTURE – Anal Intercourse.

HEDONIST – A person that believes in the philosophy that pleasure has an ultimate importance in life and is the most important pursuit of humanity. It is stated that Hedonists naturally seek pleasure, and claim that individuals SHOULD seek their own good and that action will maximize the aggregate good of all mankind. They recommend for all to pursue pleasure, and never impede others from that same objective. Sigmund Freud's theories state that people will instinctively pursue pleasure, and that pleasure is the primary motivator at the base of all psychological human motivation or otherwise known as "life instinct”.

HOST – Willing to provide the place for you to meet, i.e. at their home.

HUNG – Refers to a man with a large penis.

NYMPHOMANIAC – A woman that is addicted to sexual relations and can never seem to get enough of sex due to the fact that they cannot fully achieve a normal or healthy orgasm.

NEWBIES – A Couple that has just entered into the Swinging Lifestyle and has little to no knowledge of how things transgress in swinging.

OFF PREMISE – These are events in which sexual activity is NOT allowed at the party. If members wish to get together they can leave and go to a hotel room or wherever. Primarily these turn out to be nothing more than social dances or community get-togethers. Historically in Canada over 85 percent of guests attending and *Off Premise* social are NOT Swingers, have NEVER swung, and NEVER will. They are primarily there for the titillation of seeing what a *Swinger looks like*. If closer investigation is carried out, you will find a couple with a boring and stagnant sex life that are casting out in all directions to put a spark back in a failing relationship. From an event perspective, these parties will seem to be extremely expensive with enormous cover charges at the door and insanely high drink prices. This will be explained away by the * CLUB OWNERS*, quoting high organising costs, however they are usually held at the cheapest rental hall in town OR at a licensed bar that has almost no business on a normal Saturday night and is open to any method in keeping the mortgage paid. One important fact: Any event where alcohol can be purchased, that Event CAN and MUST be checked by Police from time to time. Police forces are mandated to search such establishments to patrol underage drinking, public intoxication and numerous other alcohol related offences. This means that it is not IF the Police will attend these so-called Swinging Socials, it is WHEN will the Police pay it a visit. Just a note, the Police have the right to ask ANYONE for Identification at any time in a place where liquor is being served.

ON PREMISE – These events are usually house parties or private clubs. Sex is allowed in designated areas on the property, such as bedrooms. There is always a casual area where everyone meets and where sex is not allowed. These parties are organised as *By Invitation Only* or *Limited Attendance*. Although having sex is not required when attending an ON PREMISE event, it is a meeting of people that believe in the swinging lifestyle and you will find some sort of screening process in effect attempting to eliminate the Fakes, Frauds and Phonies from dropping in.
There are 2 types or styles of On Premise establishments. The first is operated as a business by a couple who hosts *Sex Parties* 52 weekends a year. The cost of attending can be very high depending on the cost of property investment made, and may range into the hundreds of dollars depending on the club’s popularity. The second kind of club is organised and operated as the hundreds of thousands of other types of clubs around, only instead of knitting or automobiles or sports, the common thread that brings the membership together is : Spending time with like-minded people that believe that sex is not a monogamous activity. These clubs will have a small membership fee, (usually for liability purposes not for the money), and is organised and run by experienced swingers who fully understand the best methods in meeting other quality people. Many of these style clubs may have, little to no, dues necessary to attend their *Meetings*, and may share fellowship in activities outside of the bedroom such as Camping, Golf or other outings. The membership will be a mixture of those who enjoy the friendship aspect and those that simply enjoy the fucking.

RUBBER – Condom, a means of contraception. Also sexual stimulation through the look, feel and smell of rubber, usually associated with B & D.

SOFT SWING – A term invented by OFF-PREMISE club owners in the 1990’s to attract more paying customers to their social dances. For the for the most part these are people that only play sexually with their own spouse and NEVER have contact with another person however find it terribly titillating to be around other people that are actually living the lifestyle that they wish that they could. They are a twisted combination of Exhibitionists and Voyeurs whose goal is to end up in the same room with another couple, having sex with their own spouse while another couple either does the same or watches. Some soft swingers go as far as to get aroused by the mere presence of another set of eyes… watching and being watched heightening their erotic pleasure which supposedly leads to much more explosive orgasms. It’s actually only one level removed from simply watching porno at home, however you will find that primarily the male half of Soft Swing couples would love to fuck other women but his domineering wife will not let them enter fully into the lifestyle. She will for the most part only ALLOW him to play sexually with her. However in about half of all Soft Swing couples, the female WILL ALLOW for Girl-Girl swinging only to occur, where two or more women play with each other in female-female action while their husbands either watch from the sidelines or are not allowed to be present at all. In either case the men can participate only with their own wives. On occasion the women will allow the men to switch partners and play as long as the activities include flirting, caressing and kissing with no sexual intercourse. With this, there is still most often plenty of girl-girl action still going on, and the couples into softcore wife-swapping usually like the variety of new social titillation without sex.

SWINGING LIFESTYLE – People who believe that human beings are not monogamous creatures and enjoy sharing the activity of being sexual WITH their partner.

UTOPIAN SWINGER – A person who practices swinging as a total lifestyle with humanistic ideals.

VOYEURISM – Observing others engaged in sexual activities, in the act of undressing, or sexual exhibitions

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