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Fact or Ficton ?

    Submitted by a reader, You can determine its truth content.

    Debbie is your typical housewife. She lives in a relatively conservative rural area on the edge of an even more conservative city, where she and her husband Tom raise their two children. Although she previously held a great job with a large company, Debbie decided to quit and become a stay-at-home mom following the birth of her first child.
Debbie stays in decent shape through a regular routine of eating right and exercising. She is 5'5", weighs 140 lbs, and is considered to be very attractive. Although she isn't "model thin," she is put together very nicely. Her gorgeous brunette hair flows part-way down her back. Her husband Tom is just under six foot tall, 195 lbs, has a well-toned physique, and is ruggedly handsome. Both are 48 years old and Caucasian.

Though Debbie and Tom have a strong marriage, their sex life has become dull. Debbie isn't sure why this happened. She's always had a rather high sex drive, but for some reason sex seems to have taken a back seat to other things lately. On those rare occasions when they do find time to make love, it's quick and predictable for both.
With their youngest child entering first grade, the start of a new school year provides a valuable commodity that Debbie is unaccustomed to having, free time. Though she had considered returning to work full-time, they came to the conclusion that it would be better for the family if she only worked part-time and soon found a great part-time job that allowed her to work from home via computer. The money was good and she liked the flexibility.

One morning, after completing her work for the day, Debbie began browsing the web. She soon stumbled upon a website that was intended primarily for women. This particular site serves as a forum for women to post questions, share stories, and give opinions on a wide variety of topics including love, dating, marriage, jobs, kids, and sex. Initially Debbie only clicked on the forums dealing with work and kids, but curiosity eventually got the best of her and she soon found herself viewing topics that were sexual in nature.

Although a majority of the discussions were somewhat mild in nature, many women posted questions and stories about real-life situations that Debbie had only fantasized about. One particular story peaked Debbie's interest. It was about a woman who had recently experienced a "ménage a trios" with her husband and another man. After reading only a few paragraphs, Debbie found herself becoming turned on. As if in a trance, she began to massage her sensitive clitoris as she read this account of ones woman's erotic encounter. As the story became more explicit, Debbie soon found herself fantasizing that she was the woman in the story and that Tom and another man were having their way with her. Before she knew it, Debbie found herself in the throws of very satisfying orgasm. Afterwards, she smiled and tried to remember the last time she had cum so hard.

Glancing at a nearby clock, Debbie panicked realizing that she had been online for more than two hours. Just as she was about to log off the web, another post caught her attention.
The topic of discussion was, "My husband and I just participated in our first swap!"
"This sounds interesting," Debbie thought to herself.

Debbie clicked on the post and found herself reading a seemingly true story of this woman's first time swinging. As Debbie read the anonymous writers background and story, it dawned on her how much she and the writer had in common. Similar to herself, this woman loved her husband deeply, but their sex life had become stagnant and they desperately needed to try something new. Although she was reluctant to try it, this woman eventually gave in to her husbands request to visit a swingers club. After two visits to a nearby club, this woman and her husband met another couple whom they were not only attracted to, but also felt extremely comfortable with. The writer went on to provide vivid details of her first time making love with her new friend.

Although the poster of this story had only recently experienced her first swap with another couple, many of the subsequent responses were from people who were already active in the swinging lifestyle. These people posted encouraging comments and were very supportive. Coming from a rather old-fashioned background, Debbie was surprised by the shear number of people who apparently swapped partners on a regular basis.

One poster provided a statistic that claimed more than 6 million couples are active in "the lifestyle." This same person provided a web-link for those interested in learning more about the swinging lifestyle. Curious, Debbie clicked on the link.
For the next hour, Debbie browsed the information on the swingers' resource website. A number of interesting statistics jumped out at her.

1)Although men are often the ones who suggest swinging, once women overcome their initial fears and anxieties, they often find the lifestyle more sexually fulfilling than their husbands.
2)About 90% of swingers report having better sex with their partners after joining the lifestyle.
3)Over 60% said that swinging improved their relationship with their spouse or significant other. Only 1.7% said that swinging made their relationship less happy.
4)50% of those who rated their relationship as "happy" before becoming swingers claimed that their relationship had become even happier.
5)90% of those with less happy relationships said swinging improved them.
6)Almost 70% of swingers claimed no problem with jealousy.
7)Swingers rate themselves "very happy" (59%) compared to non-swingers (32%). Swingers also rate their lives as more "exciting" (76%) compared to non-swingers (54%).
8)About 75% of the women surveyed reported that they are more open to trying new things with their husbands since engaging in sex with others.

Absorbing all of this information, Debbie was once again turned on. Although she had considered masturbating again, she decided to call her husband to see if he could come home for lunch. Knowing what she had in mind, Tom said that he would be home in less than half an hour.

Debbie quickly showered and put on a sexy negligee. As she waited anxiously for Tom to come home, Debbie decided to look through their small collection of adult movies. Since they only had four movies, Debbie selected one that she remembered enjoying in the past. She laughed to herself recalling that group sex was the central theme of this particular movie.

Moments later when he arrived home, Tom smiled as he entered the bedroom. Lying on their bed was his sexy wife. She was touching herself while watching an erotic movie. Approaching the bed, he bent down and kissed Debbie deeply. After a few moments, Tom rose to get undressed. Recognizing the scene that Debbie had chosen to watch, he inquired, "What are you watching?"

"Just a little something I knew would turn you on," Debbie teased.
Tom smiled as he looked at the screen and noticed the two sexy couples engaging in a foursome.
"Something that turns me on....or something that turns you on?" Tom joked.
"Mmmm," Debbie moaned. "Come here. I need you."
For the first few minutes Tom and Debbie kissed and touched one another while watching the two couples in the video. Then they made love like they hadn't in years. As Tom worked his hard cock slowly in and out of his wife, he whispered softly in her ear. "Have you ever fantasized about being with another man?" He asked.
"Mmmm," Debbie moaned, "maybe."
Hearing this, Tom increased his movements. As their bodies began to pound recklessly together, Tom moaned, "Oh baby, I'd love to watch as some good-looking stud fucks you with his huge cock."
Hearing Tom talk this way sent Debbie over the edge. She suddenly had another intense orgasm. She moaned while digging her fingernails deep into Tom's lower back.
Tom then erupted inside of her.

Moments later, Debbie and Tom collapsed on the bed totally spent.
"Wow," he proclaimed, "that was incredible."
All Debbie could do was moan in agreement.
"So...what got into you today?" he asked.
"Oh, nothing," she answered coyly.
"Seriously, where did that come from?" he asked again, "does it have anything to do with the video you were watching?"
"Does that turn you on?" he asked.
"Does what turn me on?" Debbie asked, well aware of what Tom was referring to.
"You know, swapping partners or having group sex?" Tom inquired.
Debbie turned to face him.
"Well, to be completely honest, yes, it does," she replied.
For a moment, Debbie thought that she had offended him. Tom just sat there with a stunned look on his face. When he answered, Debbie realized that her initial concern was unwarranted.
"Honey, you have no idea how long I've waited to hear you say that," he exclaimed.
"What do you mean?"
"I've wanted to try the swinging thing for a long time. I've just been afraid to ask."
"I'm not saying that I want to do it," she exclaimed, "It's just something that I've fantasized about, that's all."
Tom paused for a moment.
"Well....what would it take for you to consider it?"
Debbie moved closer and kissed Tom softly.
"Are you telling me that you want to?"
"Yes," he replied.
"You'll have to give me some time to think about it, okay?" she asked.

For the next week, Debbie and Tom made love nearly every day. Quite honestly, Debbie couldn't remember a time when their sex life had been so good. What made it especially erotic were the fantasies they shared while in the throws of passion.
One evening after Debbie had been particularly graphic in her sex talk, Tom decided the moment was right to revisit his proposition.
"It's been a week. Have you made a decision?"
"Well," Debbie stammered, "I guess my first question is whether or not you have considered how it could change our relationship?"
"Definitely," he assured her, "I've thought about nothing else for the last week."
"So you wouldn't be jealous if I were to do it with another guy?" Debbie questioned.
"Honey, neither of us was a virgin when we met. And if letting you sleep with someone else turns you on and improves our sex life, I'm 100% in favour of it."
"Are you sure?"
"Okay. If you really want to try this, I'd be willing to give it a shot," Debbie answered.
"What do you have in mind?" She asked.
"I'll leave that up to you, sweetheart. Why don't you tell me what you want to do? Would you prefer to have a threesome with another guy, or would you rather hook up with a couple?"
"Even though I've always fantasized about having a threesome, I think I'd be more comfortable with a couple," Debbie noted.
After a momentary pause, she continued.
"Besides, this way both of us could have fun," she laughed.
"So," Tom asked, "how do you suggest we meet these people? "A swingers club? Online? What?"
"I really don't like the idea of visiting a swingers club," Debbie noted. "Do you think we could find a couple online?"
Unaware that Debbie had already done a bit of research on the subject, Tom responded. "Absolutely. I'm sure there are websites geared towards swingers. If that doesn't work, we could always place an ad on the Internet. Why don't you check it out tomorrow morning and let me know what you find out."

The next day, Debbie scoured the web looking for additional information on how to meet another couple. The swingers' website that she had visited the prior week provided a plethora of information and web-links. After visiting a few sites, Debbie felt comfortable enough with one of them that she decided to pay the small membership fee thereby joining the community.

A short time later, after setting up a profile and loading a few recent photos, Debbie began the process of searching for potential matches. Over the course of two days she spent nearly eight hours browsing ads and book-marking the ones she thought might have potential. At the end of the second day, she had saved the profiles of twelve couples.

Later that evening, Debbie showed Tom the profiles that she had saved. Tom really didn't need to look at the profiles because he already knew what type of man she would be looking for....tall, dark, and handsome. However, he found himself moderately surprised when he saw that a number of the ads Debbie had saved were for couples that were non-Caucasian. This intrigued Tom. Although he knew she liked dark completion men, he never realized she might actually have a thing for men of a different race. Three of the twelve couples were African-American, and six were of Hispanic descent.

Over the next two weeks Tom and Debbie exchanged emails and phone calls with a number of couples from the website. They even went as far as meeting two of the couples for drinks. Although all of the couples seemed nice, neither Tom nor Debbie felt comfortable enough to take the next step.

That all changed the evening they met Edwardo and Valerie.

Edwardo and Valerie are 43 and 47 years old respectively, and are originally from Costa Rico. Having married in the late 80's, they moved to the states in the 90’s and settled in a neighbouring town about half an hour away from Tom and Debbie.

Valerie was a complete stunner. Debbie guessed that she was barely over 5 feet tall and although being a little overweight was simply adorable. She had small perky breasts and a killer ass. Edwardo was slightly taller than Tom (about 6 feet), very muscular, and extremely handsome. He wore tan slacks and a black fitted shirt. The shirt was short-sleeved and accentuated his well-developed arms. Debbie was smitten as soon as she laid her eyes on him.

They met at an upscale pub just outside of town. Following the formal introductions, Tom requested a table and they ordered drinks. For the next hour Tom and Debbie made small talk with their new friends. They chatted mostly about their jobs, families, and Puerto Rico. When the conversation eventually shifted to sex, Tom asked if Valerie and Edwardo had done anything like this before.

Both Valerie and Edwardo smiled. He indicated that they had been with another couple two years earlier while vacationing in the Caribbean. Although their friendship with this couple started innocent enough (they were staying at the same resort and shared a cab to a local nightclub), Edwardo said that one thing led to another and they wound up spending most of their last two days holed up in their bedroom with this other couple. Although Edwardo and Debbie had spoken with them numerous times since their vacation, they were unsuccessful in hooking up with them again. Two months ago, they made the decision to look for another couple via the Internet.

"I don't need details or anything," Debbie asked, "but did you enjoy it? I mean, didn't it bother you that Valerie was screwing another guy?"
"Not at all," Edwardo responded with his sexy Latino accent. "As a matter of fact, it was the most fulfilling sexual experience either of us has had. Right sweetie?"
Valerie simply smiled and nodded in agreement.
"Were you in the same room?" Tom inquired.
"We were in a large suite with two beds," Edwardo answered. "But it wasn't just Valerie hooking up with the other guy and me hooking up with the other woman. There were also times when Valerie and I would fool around together and our friends would watch, and vice-versa."
"Hmmm," Debbie sighed.
Debbie squirmed in her seat as she felt her pussy begin to dampen.
After another round of drinks, Tom said that they needed to get home. He suggested that both couples go home and think things over. Everyone agreed that if they felt the same way after discussing matters in private, they would make plans to meet again sometime soon.
As soon as they reached the car, Debbie grabbed Tom and began kissing him passionately.

"Hmmm....I think someone is excited," Tom teased.
They kissed again. Debbie thrust her tongue in Tom's mouth and French-kissed him deeply. Tom pushed Debbie's skirt out of way and then slowly moved his left hand up her right thigh. Debbie sighed. He then began to rub her pussy through the thin cotton panties. He immediately felt how wet she was.
"Wow. This has really got your juices flowing."
"Mmmmm..." Debbie purred. "I want you to take me home now and fuck me."
Later that evening, as they lie in bed after another round of exceptional sex, Tom brought up the subject of hooking up with Edwardo and Valerie.
"Well, what do you think?" he asked.
"About what? Edwardo and Val?"
"He's freakin' hot," Debbie declared boldly.
"Hot enough that you would sleep with him?" Tom pressed.
"Does it bother you that I'm willing to go through with this?" She asked.
"No, not at all. As a matter of fact, I was hoping you would say that you would."
"What about you?" Debbie asked. "Could you do it with Val?"
"You know what? This really isn't about me. Although I'm sure I would enjoy being with her, I'm more concerned with seeing the look on your face as Edwardo makes love to you."
“That wasn’t my question”, prodded Debbie, “You’re dodging me”.
“Ok, Ok”, admitted Tom, “I was wondering how Hot it might look to stretch out her little pussy.
Tom had an average length penis, but was thicker and fatter than most, according to Debbie’s mental measuring gauge.
“Oh, You do, Now Do You”, teased Debbie

There was another brief pause in the conversation as each of them considered their decision. Sensing that Debbie was truly excited, Tom said, "I'll call Edwardo tomorrow and see if they are interested."
Debbie turned to Tom and kissed him softly on the lips. "Good night, sweetheart. I love you."
"I love you, too," Tom replied as he began to drift off to sleep.

The next morning Tom called Edwardo. Edwardo said that he and Valerie had incredible sex the night before while discussing the possibilities of hooking up. This was a positive sign. "Valerie is very attracted to you," Edwardo noted.
"And Valerie isn't half bad either," Tom laughed. "You've got a hot little number on your hands buddy!"
"And I think Debbie is an amazing woman," Edwardo replied. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I would be honoured to make love to her."
"So are you saying that you and Valerie are interested in getting together sometime soon?" Tom asked.
"We're ready whenever you are."
"Well, it is Friday, what about tonight?" Tom asked.
"Sure. As a matter of fact, our children are going to be spending the weekend with their grandparents. The two of you could come to our place if you like."
Tom felt certain he could persuade his mother to watch the kids until the following morning.
"You know what, let's plan on it. I just need to work out the details of getting a sitter for our kids. But unless you hear back from me in the next hour or so, we'll be there."
Edwardo provided directions and asked what time he and Valerie should expect them. Tom said to plan on 8pm. Their plans were set. Without delay, Tom called Debbie and relayed the conversation he had just had with Edwardo. Judging by the sound of her voice, Tom could tell she was very pleased.

"You should go shopping this afternoon," he suggested.
"For what?" Debbie asked.
"To pick out a sexy new outfit for tonight."
"And how about some new panties and a bra also?" Debbie added.
"Sounds good to me."
"Any suggestions?"
"Surprise me," Tom said.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur for Debbie. After going for a long jog, she went shopping, picked up the kids from school, and then dropped them off at Tom's parents.
An hour before they needed to leave, Debbie jumped in the shower. Not only did she shave her legs and trim her pubic hair, she made sure to wash every inch of her body with the wonderful smelling body wash she had recently purchased.

When Tom arrived home from work, Debbie was finishing up her hair and makeup. As Tom showered, Debbie put on her new black boy-shorts and matching bra. Looking in the bathrooms full-length mirror, Debbie smiled at what she saw in the reflection.
"Not bad for a 48 year old mother of two," she said to herself.

After she had finished getting dressed, Debbie went to the kitchen and had two glasses of wine. Although she was definitely willing to try this, she needed some wine to take the edge off.
Ten minutes later Tom was ready to go. As he walked into the kitchen, the sight of Debbie in her sexy new outfit stopped him in his tracks.
"Wow," he exclaimed.
"You like?" Debbie asked.
"You look incredible!"
"Do you think Edwardo will approve also?" Debbie teased.
"I think even Valerie will want you looking the way you do," Tom joked.

Tom could barely keep his hands off Debbie as they drove to Edwardo and Valerie's.
A short time later, they pulled into Edwardo and Valerie's neighbourhood. Upon finding the correct house number, Tom pulled the car into the driveway as Edwardo has instructed.
"Nice place," he noted.
Before getting out of the car, Debbie reached for Tom and kissed him on the cheek.
"Are we sure we want to do this?" she asked.
"I'm sure if you're sure."
Tom could tell that Debbie was nervous.
"Sweetheart, if we get in there and you have a change of heart, it's no big deal. I will understand and I'm sure they will also," Tom assured her.
She kissed him again and her lips seemed to say "thank you."
"I love you," Tom assured her.
"And I love you."
"Okay then....let's do this," Tom said as he began to open the car door.

They got out of the car, and held hands as they strolled up the driveway. Upon reaching the front door, Tom knocked. Through the sidelights, Debbie could see Valerie walking towards them. She looked stunning.
Valerie opened the front door and greeted them with a huge smile. She invited them in and greeted both with a kiss on the cheek.
"Wow, you guys look incredible," Valerie noted.
"And you look absolutely gorgeous," Debbie responded.
Following a brief tour of her beautiful home, Valerie asked Tom and Debbie to have a seat in the living room. Tom noticed the jazz music that was playing through the homes built-in speaker system.
Valerie then asked what she could get them to drink. Debbie requested a glass of red wine, and Tom asked for a vodka and tonic.

"Edwardo is still getting dressed," Valerie shouted from the kitchen. "He ended up working a little later than he planned."
A few moments later Valerie returned with their drinks. Edwardo appeared a few moments later.
Debbie almost choked on her wine when Edwardo entered the room. Although he had looked good in the dimly lit bar the evening before, he looked even better tonight.
"Hola, Tom and Debbie," Edwardo said loudly as he entered the room.
Edwardo approached Tom and shook his hand. He then turned to Debbie and kissed her cheek.
"He smells wonderful," Debbie thought to herself.
"So," Edwardo said, "how are you doing this fine evening?"
"We're great," Debbie answered.

Debbie couldn't remember a time when she had been so nervous around a man. Her nervousness wasn't a bad thing though; it was more of a heightened sense of anticipation of what may happen.
For the next half hour, the group drank and talked. Debbie could feel her inhibitions melting away with each glass of wine.
When a familiar jazz song began playing, Edwardo rose from his chair and walked towards Debbie. Extending his hand he asked, "Debbie, would you care to dance?"
"Ummm....sure," she answered somewhat bashfully
Taking Edwardo's hand, Debbie rose from the couch and joined him in the middle of the large room. She turned in Tom's direction and noticed his look of encouragement.
"You smell wonderful," Edwardo whispered as he pulled her close.
"Thank you."
Seconds later, Debbie watched as Tom and Valerie began to dance. Debbie couldn't help but feel a slight bit jealous as she watched them hold each other and move slowly to the music.
"Do you enjoy jazz?" Edwardo questioned.
"Yes....very much."
"I love jazz," Edwardo noted. "It's very sensual."
They continued to hold one another as the song ended and a new one began.
"You look very beautiful tonight," Edwardo whispered.
Debbie could feel his warm breath on her neck and sensitive ear.
"Thank you."
With one hand on Debbie's hip and the other on her lower back, Edwardo pulled her closer.
"You have an incredible body, Debbie."
"Thank you," Debbie replied. "And you're not so bad yourself."

Debbie's legs felt weak. She rested her head against Edwardo's muscular chest as they continued to sway to the music. She inhaled the musky scent of his sexy smelling cologne.
As they continued to dance, Edwardo took Debbie's face gently in his hand.
He then proceeded to bend down and kiss her.
Debbie closed her eyes and accepted his firm, wet kiss. Their kiss lasted only a moment and Debbie pulled away.
"Are you okay?" Edwardo asked.
"Yes, I'm fine. It's just that I haven't kissed anyone but Tom in years."
"If you don't feel comfortable, that is fine," Edwardo assured her.
Debbie didn't respond. She simply gazed into his big brown eyes. A few seconds later, Edwardo kissed her again.
"Oh my," Debbie thought as she began to feel wet between her legs.

For the next several minutes, Debbie and Edwardo continued to dance and kiss, oblivious to what Tom and Valerie were doing on the other side of the room. Debbie could feel Edwardo's cock begin to harden against her belly.
"Would you like to go into our bedroom?" Edwardo asked.
"Yes," she whispered calmly.

Edwardo left her side for a moment and walked across the room to Tom and Valerie. Debbie smiled as she observed that the pair had moved to the couch. Apparently they were also becoming quite comfortable with one another. Edwardo leaned down and said something to them in a low voice. Tom and Valerie both grinned and then looked in Debbie's direction.
Edwardo walked back to Debbie and took her hand in his.
As they walked towards the bedroom, Debbie asked what he had said to them.
"I told them that we were going to the bedroom and that they could join us in a little while if they liked."

Once inside the unlit room, Edwardo shut the door halfway. The only light in the large master suite was filtering in from the hallway. Debbie couldn't help but notice how tastefully their bedroom had been decorated. It had many high-dollar pieces of furniture, a large plasma screen television, and a loveseat that sat next to the king-sized bed.
Edwardo led Debbie through the room until they were standing at the end of the bed. He immediately began kissing her again.
For the next several minutes they continued to kiss. All at once, Edwardo took Debbie's hand and motioned her towards the loveseat. He asked her to have a seat and promised to return momentarily.

Edwardo was gone for only a few minutes and soon returned carrying a candle. After sitting the candle on one of the nightstands, he moved towards her. It was then that Debbie noticed Edwardo had changed into some sexy black pajama bottoms and was no longer wearing a shirt. Although she knew he had a muscular chest and arms, she gasped when she saw an incredible set of sculpted abs.

As this near perfect man moved towards her, Debbie was overcome with lust. She rose from the couch and held his warm body close to hers. A few moments later, she started kissing his well-developed chest and arms. Edwardo moaned in approval as she began to lightly lick one of his nipples. Knowing full well the effect she was having on him, Debbie proceeded to kiss her way further down his body. She couldn't remember a single moment in her life when she was so filled with pure carnal lust.

As she kissed Edwardo's abs, Debbie dropped slowly to her knees. She then reached for Edwardo's crotch with her left. He was somewhat hard and felt very large. Continuing to kiss and lick his belly, Debbie took him in her hand and began to slowly stroke his cock through the soft cotton material of his pajama bottoms. In doing so, his cock grew considerably larger.
"I want to taste him so bad," Debbie thought to herself.
Debbie removed her hand and stopped kissing his belly.

Edwardo watched as Debbie seductively removed her blouse, revealing a very nice cleavage. She then proceeded to slowly pull down his pants and boxers. Edwardo's cock wasn't even completely hard and Debbie could tell that it was much larger than Tom's. Tom had an average length cock, but it was very thick. Edwardo on the other hand was simply huge. The only time she had ever seen such an enormous cock was in one of the adult movies that her and Tom watched occasionally.

Debbie moved closer to his warm body and continued to kiss his sculpted abs and pelvic area. As she moved lower, she took his hardness in her left hand and began to fondle him.
Continuing to stroke him, Debbie positioned her head about twelve inches from his groin and watched in admiration as he responded to her gentle touch. As his cock hardened in her hand, Debbie noticed that the tip was oozing precum.
"Oh my," she thought.
Debbie moved forward and gently kissed the tip of his manhood. As she backed away, Edwardo's precum extended between her lips and the swollen head. When the string of precum eventually broke, she could feel it move slowly down her bottom lip and chin. Debbie used a finger to move the sticky liquid to her mouth. He tasted wonderful.

Debbie knew that this was the point of no return. Up until now, she felt that she could back out at any moment. The realization suddenly hit her that once she took this a step further, there would be no turning back.

She didn't want to stop.

Debbie moved in and began to affectionately lick and suck any remaining precum from his beautiful cock. As Edwardo moaned his approval, she closed her eyes and engulfed him with her mouth.

She had crossed the line and there was no turning back.

"Oh yes," Edwardo moaned.
Debbie needed no encouragement. Even if Edwardo had asked her to stop, she wasn't about to quit.
She needed this.
She wanted this.

Back in her college years, Debbie had become quite skilled at giving blowjobs. She dated tons of guys, and although she didn't have sex with all of them, a number of fortunate souls were lucky enough to have Debbie demonstrate her talents. She learned what men liked and knew exactly what it took to get them off.

Edwardo moaned loudly as she continued to pleasure him orally.
Approaching the bedroom with Valerie, Tom heard Edwardo moaning. He instinctively knew that sound. He knew all too well how good his wife was at giving head and assumed that's what she was doing at that very moment.
Silently pushing the door open, Tom quickly realized that he had guessed correctly. His gorgeous wife Debbie was on her knees in front of Edwardo giving him one of her mind-blowing blowjobs.

Moving quietly through the room, Tom and Valerie were standing beside Edwardo before Debbie realized anyone was watching. Opening her eyes, she slowly removed her mouth from Edwardo while gazing up at her husband.
"Please don't stop," Edwardo pleaded.
Tom looked down at Debbie and nodded his approval.
Debbie smiled as she continued where she had left off.

Seconds later, Valerie joined Debbie on the floor and got on her knees in front of Tom. After she had removed Tom's slacks and boxers, Valerie leaned close to Debbie and whispered in her ear, "Do you mind if I go down on your husband?"

Debbie pulled away from Edwardo and smiled. Debbie was shocked when Valerie unexpectedly leaned in and kissed her fully on the lips. Debbie had never kissed a woman before. She surprised herself when she didn't pull away. Kissing Valerie was rather erotic. Debbie pulled her head closer and continued kissing Valerie deeply, their tongues intertwining.

"I can taste him on you," Valerie whispered seductively as she moved back towards Tom.
Watching as Valerie began to suck her husbands cock, Debbie repositioned herself in front of Edwardo. Although she really wanted to feel him inside of her, she wasn't about to stop sucking on this gorgeous giant cock. After all, they had the rest of the night to fuck. For now, she wanted nothing more than to make this gorgeous man cum. She accepted him in her mouth once again.

With Edwardo's encouragement, Debbie began to stroke him quickly with her hand as she bobbed up and down on the bulbous head. Debbie knew he was close and she wasn't about to stop. Increasing the tempo, she stroked him as fast as she could. Removing her mouth, she began to swirl her tongue around the sensitive head.
This sent Edwardo over the edge.
Edwardo threw his head back and moaned loudly, "Oh yeah, that's it. Don't stop. Oh shit. I'm going to cum!"
All at once she felt a huge surge of warm cum splashing across her chest. The first blast hit her right between her tits, slowly running down into her cleavage. After draining his load onto her, she removed her hand and took him as deep in her mouth as she could, stopping only when she felt him touch the back of her throat.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Edwardo groaned.
As she deep-throated him, Debbie felt his cock twitch another blast of cum down her throat. She moaned feeling the warm liquid slide down her oesophagus and into her belly. Debbie had forgotten what a rush it was to swallow a mans load, even if it was accidental.

While still kneeling on the floor with Edwardo's huge cock stuffed down her mouth, she felt somewhat guilty realizing that she hadn't done this for her own husband in years. She made a conscious decision that she would remedy that in the very near future; maybe even later that evening.

Debbie didn't move until she was certain Edwardo was completely spent. Opening her eyes, she slowly removed her mouth from him. As Edwardo's cock began to soften, she lovingly teased him with her tongue.
Realizing that Valerie and Tom were being extremely quiet, Debbie peeked in their direction and was somewhat embarrassed when she realized that they had watched the entire show. Tom could hardly believe his eyes. Never before had he witnessed something so erotic. Valerie simply grinned and winked.

As Edwardo collapsed on the loveseat, Valerie rose and guided Tom to the bed.

Debbie sat next to Edwardo and watched as Tom undressed Valerie. It turned her on to see her husband undress another woman. During their time alone in the living room Tom apparently provided all of the stimulation Valerie needed. As soon as she was completely undressed, Valerie pushed Tom on his back. She then took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it slowly, and then drove his entire length down her throat. After a few long, deepthroating strokes, Valerie popped Tom’s cock from her mouth, grabbed him in hand, straddled him and eased his cock inside of her.

"Oh fuck," Tom moaned.

It's one thing to watch an x-rated movie with professional performers. It's completely different to watch people make love in front of you. Debbie found herself getting more and more turned on as she watched Valerie move up and down on her husband's thick cock.

Apparently the performance was also having an effect on Edwardo. As Debbie turned to kiss him, she smiled noticing that he was beginning to get hard again.
"Let's move to the bed," she suggested.

Standing at the side of the bed opposite of Tom and Valerie, Edwardo began to seductively undress Debbie from her remaining clothes. As they kissed, he unzipped her skirt and then watched as it fell to the floor. As he massaged her sticky cumm-soaked breasts Edwardo dropped to his knees and began to kiss her belly. Debbie closed her eyes and anticipated his next move.

Debbie felt his warm breath against her belly as he slowly removed her panties. Edwardo moaned in delight as he moved closer to her womanhood.
With both hands firmly grasping her hips, Edwardo kissed his way down to her pelvic area. Debbie sighed as she felt him kiss the closely trimmed mound of brown hair. Edwardo moaned softly as he inhaled her sweet aroma.
Debbie decided it would be better if she were to lie down. She took Edwardo's hand and led him to the bed. Once she was on her back, Edwardo immediately continued where he had left off. Within seconds he gently parted her legs and was softly kissing her thighs.

"Mmmm....." Debbie moaned.
Debbie almost exploded when she felt his tongue on her clit for the first time. She arched her back and pulled his head closer.
It took only minutes before Debbie found herself close to orgasm. To say that Edwardo was talented would be an understatement.
Debbie began to moan uncharacteristically loud which got the attention of Tom and Valerie. They stopped and began to watch as Edwardo pleasured Tom's wife.
Seconds later Tom was disappointed when Valerie pulled herself off of him. When Valerie leaned down and whispered in his ear, Tom realized why she had stopped.
"Let's help her out," Valerie said softly.
Tom didn't know what she meant until he saw Val move closer to Debbie's body. Valerie leaned down and took one of Debbie's hard nipples in her mouth. Tom followed Valerie's lead and moved closer to his wife. As Valerie licked and sucked Debbie's nipple, Tom began to kiss her passionately.

Realizing that it wasn't Tom or Edwardo who was sucking her nipple, Debbie opened her eyes and glanced down. Ordinarily Debbie wouldn't have been interested in doing anything with a woman. However, the sensation of having Edwardo between her legs as Val licked and sucked her nipple nearly put her over the edge. Instead of pushing her away, Debbie pulled Valerie's head closer and began to whimper loudly.
Feeling all of these erotic sensations at once was simply too much. Debbie was completely overwhelmed with lust. She immediately erupted in orgasm.
"Oh, God," Debbie whimpered as she arched, "Oh, God!"
Never before had she experienced such pleasure orally. Debbie's body began to convulse as it erupted in orgasm.

"Eeeewwww!" Debbie squealed.
Her orgasm seemed to last forever. When she eventually collapsed, Debbie laid still.

As Edwardo rose from between Debbie's legs, Valerie began to kiss him deeply. Watching them kiss, Debbie guessed that Valerie was bisexual. Why else would she lick Debbie's nipples and be so eager to kiss Edwardo when his face was still covered with her pussy juice? Debbie smiled thinking that this friendship could get even more interesting in the future. For the time being though, Debbie was only interested in one thing; having Edwardo inside of her.

As Edwardo and Valerie kissed, Debbie rose and crawled towards them. Noticing that Edwardo had gone soft, Debbie bent down and took him in her mouth once again. It took only a minute or two of oral attention for him to fully recover.

As Debbie continued to suck Edwardo, Valerie moved away from him, laid back on the bed, and then asked Tom to fuck her. He was very happy to oblige her request.

Although she enjoyed giving him head, Debbie now wanted to feel Edwardo's cock inside of her. Removing her mouth, Debbie turned and positioned herself so that Edwardo could enter her from behind. As she lie down with her face in a pillow, she lifted her ass up in the air by getting on her knees. Edwardo moved behind her and touched his cock to the engorged lips of her wet pussy. Debbie reached around and wrapped her small hand around his massive cock. She sighed as she felt him part her lips and enter her tight opening.

"Oooohhhh," she whimpered.

Releasing his cock as he entered her, Debbie reached back and grasped his ass firmly, encouraging him to penetrate her more deeply. Since Debbie was already extremely wet, Edwardo slid effortlessly inside as he pulled her hips towards him. His cock was soon buried as far as it would go. Debbie felt as if she was being split in half.

"Oh fuck, you feel good," Debbie moaned.
Edwardo began to slowly work his cock in and out of her. For a moment, Debbie thought she was dreaming.
"This can't actually be happening," she thought to herself, believing she had died and gone to heaven.

For the next twenty minutes Debbie and Edwardo changed positions often while making passionate love. His stamina was impressive. She realized he had already came once, but was amazed that he could continue fucking her so hard without getting off again. She wasn't complaining though. Debbie counted two small orgasms since he had entered her. As their bodies began to crash together more fervently, Debbie felt a huge orgasm building. Her body felst as though it was going to explode.

Hearing Tom and Valerie begin to moan loudly in unison, Debbie quicly realized what was happening. They were about to cum. Debbie and Edwardo stopped moving momentarily to watch.

Debbie stared as her gifted husband continued thrusting himself in and out of Valerie. She couldn't help but notice how wet with perspiration their bodies had become.

Valerie suddenly asked Tom to stop moving. Debbie watched in awe as Val began to grind her pussy against her husbands cock very rapidly.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," Valerie said in her sexy accent. "I'm cumming. Oh God, I'm cumming!"

As Valerie's orgasm subsided, Tom picked up where he had left off, energetically plunging his cock in and out of Valerie.

"Cum inside of me," Valerie moaned.

Debbie watched as her husbands body stiffened and his face grimaced. Her husband was cumming.

This was too much for Debbie. She needed to cum and wanted Edwardo to cum also.

Still on her back with Edwardo between her legs, Debbie closed her eyes and pulled him deeper inside.

"Fuck me, Edwardo. Fuck me hard." she urged.

Debbie moaned as Edwardo lifted her legs up over his shoulders allowing him to drive his cock even deeper than ANY man had ever before. She loved to be fucked deep and hard. She also loved hearing their damp skin smack loudly against one another and the feeling of Edwardo's large balls slapping against her ass.

"That's it baby, fuck me hard, fuck me hard Edwardo!" Debbie pleaded.

Debbie's hips began to thrash uncontrollably. She could feel the juices running out of her pussy and onto the sheets below. When Edwardo leaned down and began to suck one of her nipples, Debbie's body began to ripple in orgasm. She began shriek, "Oh fuck. Oh fuuccckkk!"

As Debbie's body continued to quiver, Edwardo felt his own impending orgasm.

"You're going to make me cum," he moaned in Debbie's ear.

"I want to watch you," Debbie pleaded. "Cum on my body again."

Edwardo pulled out and began to stroke his cock.

Still on her back, Debbie raised her head slightly and supported herself on her elbows. She loved watching men cum all over her.

As Edwardo continued stroking himself, Debbie began to encourage him.

"Yeah baby, that's it. Cum for me. Cum for me, Edwardo."

Edwardo grunted as the first of many powerful blasts erupted from his cock. The first shot of thick, white cum landed on Debbie's cheek and chin.

"Oh yeah," Debbie moaned, "cum on me. Cum all over me baby."

Edwardo's body stiffened as he stopped stroking and simply held his cock at the base. Debbie watched as many successive blasts of cum landed all over her tits and belly.

"Eeewwwwaaaaa," Edwardo moaned.

Debbie moved Edwardo's hand away and continued to stroke his cock slowly until he was completely spent. Looking down her body, Debbie couldn't believe how much he had ejaculated. Debbie turned to glance at Tom and Valerie. She didn't know what came over her, but she suddenly felt very naughty. Seeing that Tom and Valerie were watching, she removed Edwardo's cum from her face and began to lick it from her fingers. When Valerie crawled towards them, Debbie scooped another portion of the warm, sticky liquid from her body and offered it to her. Valerie placed her mouth over Debbie's fingers and sucked them clean.

Edwardo collapsed on the bed next to Debbie. After a short recovery period, the foursome continued to make love on and off throughout the night. As she woke the next morning, Debbie couldn't remember a single time in her past when her pussy had been so sore, or when she had been so sexually fulfilled.

The new day brought another quick round of lovemaking before Debbie and Tom had to leave. As they left, promises were made to get together again very soon.

To be continued..... LOL

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