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The Initial Trip to a Swingers Club
Here are Jay & Sue discussing their first time:

    Our 1st time swinging didn't just happen for us. Sue & I have been married for almost 25 yrs & had discussed adding some spice into our sex life for some time. We heard that there was a club in our own backyard. We were startled & excited although it had been safe talking about swinging but now things were becoming serious. We were both nervous & it took a few weeks before we called. They put us at ease right away, speaking to both Sue & me. They told us the rules & all the info we needed. The next party was the following weekend.

Saturday finally came around after what seemed like years. We spent Saturday afternoon trying to figure out what to wear to a swingers club & also to the "Lingerie or Less" party afterwards. We were very nervous & time dragged by. I went & got a bottle of rum for the after hours party. 6:30 finally! Sue went upstairs & painted herself into a skin tight red dress. She looked great. Even though she is 50 she still looks 35. She works out twice a week. She is blond 5'3", 135 lbs 36C & terribly sexy when she wants to be. I grabbed a pair of pants & a new red sweater that the kids had bought for Xmas. The electricity was very high on our way to the club. We arrived at the club & met some of the members. I was surprised to see that everyone looked like your basic average, attractive people. We ate, drank & mingled. About 10 o`clock we were asked if we would like to attend the after hours party. We both looked at each other and said yes. They handed us directions to one of the members homes for the party.

On the way we were both trembling in anticipation of what was going to happen next. Sue was so turned on that she unzipped my pants & started sucking my cock right there in the van while I was driving. She hadn't done anything like that since high-school. I had to stop her before I blew a load in her mouth. I wanted to save something for later. Upon arriving we were toured around & shown where we could change into our "Lingerie or Less". Sue came out of the bathroom wearing this black & red, tiger striped, half see through, body suit. It had a built in push up bra & here tits looked huge. I guess I was just standing there with my mouth open. "You like" she asked, I bought it yesterday. She looked terrific. She rubbed up against me, kissed me deep & hard, and grabbed & squeezed my balls. I was so turned on I thought I would cum. She then helped to get me undressed. I had brought a pair of blue satin briefs to put on & we headed to get a drink & back to the living room.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Everyone looked so good walking around in hardly anything. There were people of all shape & sizes although they all looked sexy. One larger lady who was dressed in this black lace frilly elegant nightgown came up to us & shared a bowl of munchies. We stirred up a conversation. She was a really nice person. Her hubby was on the couch kissing a red haired lady about 45 who was wearing just a blue bra & panties. We sat down & talked to a few people. Soon I looked over my shoulder to see the lady in blue (Diane) on her knees in front of Steve {his girlfriend was Denise} sucking on his cock . The lady in black (Sherri) her husband (Joe), Denise & a few others soon disappeared downstairs. We could hear the occasionally moan & scream coming from the bedrooms. This was the first time I was a little unsure of being there. Sue was sitting next to Brad on the couch & they were becoming very friendly. I figured it was too late to turn back now. Barb was sitting in the chair next to me. We were talking about everything except sex. I don't know who was more nervous her or me. Suddenly one of the ladies down the hall came so loudly that everyone in the living room stopped what they were doing for a moment. We all chuckled & it seemed to ease the tension in the room for me. Barb leaned over & whispered in my ear "That sounded great" & she softly licked my ear & all the way down my neck. I didn't need any more prompting. I escorted her to a bedroom, got on the floor between her legs & started to kiss her long legs.

Barb is a very attractive blond, late 30's, 5'9" or taller & in great shape. She has very small firm A-cup breasts but 1 inch long nipples that were sticking through the lace on her teddy. I kissed my way up to her panties which I soon found out were soaked. I wasn't sure whether to continue. I guess I was feeling a little guilty. I looked over in the room to see Sue totally naked with Brad sucking on her tits. She caught my glance and smiled at me. I took that as a sign of approval to continue. I pulled off Barbs panties. She was so wet it was running out of her. I went in for the kill. I grabbed her clit in my lips & started to lick her beautiful pussy. It wasn't long before she grabbed my head & poured cum into my mouth. She tasted so good. I continued licking, sucking & nibbling on her beautiful pussy. I reached up & squeezed her nipples. She came again. The chair & my face were drenched. She started to shake. I could feel that she was about to cum again but I never expected what was next. She started to tremble & then twitch uncontrollably & jump around. She grabbed my head tight, moaned loudly & then she started to scream. She sunk her fingers into the back of my head & started to cum. I mean really cum. It started shooting out of her pussy about 2 inches over & over. It was all over my face & running down my chin. It was tremendous. She grabbed me, pulled me up to her, kissed me long & hard & thanked me. She said she was a little embarrassed but I told her everything was okay. Relieved she turned & told me to fuck her hard. I looked over to my wife. I heard Sue say jokingly "Would you guys keep it down".

Barb & I got down on the floor. She lied on her back and started rubbing her pussy begging me to fuck her. I grabbed a condom & got on top of her. I slid inside her. She was so wet & hot that I thought I would cum instantly. I moved in & out real slowly to make it last. I took a moment to check out Sue & what she was doing. She was on her knees in front of Brad. It was the first time I felt any sort of jealousy of any kind. I could see that Brad was hung like a small horse. It was all that Sue could do to get the head in her mouth. I stopped fucking Barb until she slapped my butt to go faster. I couldn't take my eyes of my wife trying to suck on that big cock. My God she didn't give head all that often, she said that I made her gag sometimes & here she was trying to stuff this pony sized dick into her mouth. I was just about to get up off of Barb & tear Sue off of him when I heard her say "I want you inside of me, Fuck me with that big thing". I stopped almost in a state of shock. I couldn't believe my ears. Was she insane? Sue isn't that big of a woman. At that moment Barb grabbed me around the neck, pulled me towards her, and said "Fuck me harder". I pulled my cock out of her until only the head was inside and then banged it back into her. She moaned & said "Yes Yes Yes". I looked up to see Brad laying on his back on the couch, Sue was straddling him holding his big cock in both hands for balance. She sat right down on top of it. I could see a wince of pain shoot through her face as she forced his head into her. There was my wife of 15 yrs standing on a couch, straddling a naked stranger, trying to stuff his huge cock up inside her. I couldn't believe what was going on right in front of my face less than 6 feet away. With that I was sure that this shouldn't be happening. Just as I was contemplating putting a stop to all of this Barb began to cum again, this time all over my cock. I looked down to see her beautiful smile & that is all it took. I started fucking her like I used to when I was young. I wedged my feet against the wall for leverage & began pounding into her. As Barb was about to cum again I heard Sue whimpering. I looked up to see her raising and lowering onto Brads huge cock. She looked like that thing was going to split her wide open. She started to moan & I knew that sound, she was about to cum all over him. When I heard her start to cum it put me right over the edge and I came so hard. It was amazing. Barb was shaking all over. WOW!

A couple moments passed. Sue had climbed off of Brad & slithered back onto the couch. Barb suddenly ended the silence with a giggle and "That was great"! Brad replied "Why Barb are you finished already?" She replied with a simple "NO are you?". Sue and I looked at each other as if to say to each other "Wow I need a break". Brad grabbed another condom & moved over between Barbs legs where I had just been. He pulled her legs up & over his shoulders. She grabbed his big cock and put it inside of her. There we were trapped 4 feet away from these 2 people fucking right in front of us. We couldn't get up to leave the room because we would have to step right over them & I wasn't about to do that, I wasn't sure of "Swingers Etiquette" but I was sure walking over top of people while they were fucking must be in bad taste. It was front row seats for this performance. He started to slam his big cock in and out of her. She started to cum over & over until she was screaming. By this time his balls were slapping her as so loudly that we could almost feel them hitting her ourselves. They were into it so much I don't think they even knew we were there anyway. After a few minutes of this kind of raw action Brad was about to erupt. He grunted an slammed into her SOOOO HARD. She trembled and moaned, her body vibrating with pleasure.

A few minutes later some of the couples came down to see, as one lady said "What's shaking the house down here". Everyone laughed. It had somehow become 3 o`clock in the morning without us even knowing it. Sue & I got up to leave before it got wilder. We found our clothes, kissed everyone and exited quietly.

The ride home was going to be terrible. All that I could think of was Sue sucking & fucking that big cock. I was a little angry, and a lot jealous. She broke the ice first "Wow, that was great" "I can't believe how they can fuck". "Yeah" I replied. I was still upset but I didn't know what to say. She leaned over to me, gave me a kiss on the lips & said "Wow she does taste good" referring to Barbs cum still on my face. She said "You drive". She unzipped my fly, pulled out my cock & said "I want a cock I can get my mouth around, Brads so big I couldn't even suck him right". She took me deep into her mouth, let out a mellow groan and I was hard immediately. She stopped just long enough to say "God I love your cock dear, Fuck me now". I pulled the van off to the side of the road and we fucked like teenagers. We fucked again in the van right in our own driveway before we even got to the house. It was great.

The next day we sat down and discussed all of our feelings from the night before including my jealousies. I quickly found out that she had felt even more jealous than I had because, as she said "Barb has a body like I used to before the kids". We both told the other how crazy we both had been and went to bed & screwed again.

Swinging has turned into a wonderful part of our sexual life and we have met some wonderful people. If you can communicate openly & honestly together then you will have memories that will make all parts of your bedroom life better. Sue wants to add a few thoughts to this now.

SUE: Well I think Jay has told you way too much already although it was accurate. All I really want to add is this, let your hair down and you can really enjoy yourself. I was leery at first but now, well, I look forward to the next party. I have fulfilled so many fantasies that I never thought were possible. Until you try it you will never know what fun you can have. I think now I actually enjoy going even more than Jay, I sometimes have to prod him a bit & make the arrangements myself. Don't give up ladies, I even make the arrangements so he has no excuses. By the way there's one fantasy left that I haven't fulfilled yet, Look out Barb I already know that you taste good and soon I may want a little of that myself."

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