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By Mary and Vic

We have only been involved in swinging for a little over a year. We were approached about writing something for the other Swingers. We are not sure that we have anything much to talk about. The hosts explained that if we just write about our real life experiences then maybe we could help others {if we had problems occur then probably thousands of others had the same things happen}. The following is the best and worst of things that we have had happen through our first year. Please don't follow our words about anything though as we still consider ourselves rookies to swinging. I think that I will let Vic start as it was originally his idea that we get involved in the first place.

Vic: I have always been interested in sex. When I was younger I was very sexually active. When I met my wife I was in college. I had already been with many women and had many experiences. We fell in love and got married right after graduation. After eight years of being married (both of us were faithful throughout our marriage) I guess sex was becoming a little mundane and not as exciting as it had been before. I caught myself being a little too friendly with women and Mary would catch me staring at other women when we were out. It was a little embarrassing getting caught by her and I felt guilty too. I never acted on my desires to have other women but I knew that I sure wanted too. The guilt drove me crazy.

I tried everything to put some excitement into our sex life. I bought some sex toys to play with, I took her away for a romantic weekend but I still found myself staring and wishing to be with other women. I rented adult movies for the two of us to watch together and one night during a sexy orgy scene we both got so turned on that we screwed on top of the coffee table. We went to bed and did it two more times {it had been years since we did it three times in one night}. It was great. The next day I thought that we should talk about things.

Mary: We talked during dinner about the movie and I had to admit that it got me hot, but I told him it was just a movie and it was supposed to get you hot. I was a little embarrassed talking about all the people that we saw screwing on the TV, in our house growing up sex wasn't talked about. I sort of squirmed my way out of the conversation and hoped it would go away I guess.

Vic: Over the next couple of weeks I tried to discuss it further but never seemed to get very far. I finally rented another movie one night, an orgy movie with real swingers in it not actors. We sat down to watch it but never got all the way through it before we were fucking on the couch.

Mary: It was a great movie. Everyone was fucking and sucking everyone else and I guess it turned me on more because everybody looked like me (ten pounds overweight and their hair actually got messed up when they screwed). Vic kept bugging me that could be us. I told him to stop, but you know I guess part of me fantasised about it but wouldn't admit it. He kept bugging me for days. And finally to shut him up I said "OK let's do it". I thought he would go out of his mind, he screwed me 5 times that night (we hadn't done that since college) and came home from work the next day to do it again.

Vic: I didn't bug her that much.

Mary: Yes you did, that's all you talked about.

Vic: Well, maybe a little. Anyway I couldn't believe that we were going to swing with other people. I couldn't wait to get to screw other women and I had my wife's permission. Wow it was going to be great.

I made arrangements to go to a club about 100 miles from our house. It was finally Saturday and I couldn't wait. We drove to the place and met some nice people.

Mary: You don't even remember their names, you just screwed every woman who would let you.

Vic: I did have fun!

Mary: Yes but afterwards wasn't so great was it. Vic had his fun, he got laid until he couldn't screw anymore and then we was looking for me so we could go. I had met a young guy who talked to me for a long time and as we had a few drinks I got to feel more and more comfortable. Finally when he asked me to get a little more intimate I thought "What the hell, I knew Vic had already screwed two different women by this point", so I went to a bedroom and got busy. It was real nice.

Vic: You just liked him because he was young and had a big dick.

Mary: Your just jealous!

Vic: Maybe your right.

Mary: Maybe hell, it drove you crazy for weeks. We didn't have sex for days and when we did you kept saying that I didn't love you anymore that all I wanted was some pony-sized young stud. It was awful. Finally I thought we needed to sit and talk this thing through as it was ruining our marriage. We sat down and I explained that I loved Vic and the sex with Brad was great but I didn't love him, I am still very much in love with Vic. It seemed to straighten out things. We made love after our long talk and he explained that we was jealous of Brad. I asked how I was supposed to feel after he screwed three or four women that same night.

Vic: I told you that was different, those women didn't mean anything to me they were just sex.

Mary: Oh I bet they're glad to hear that.

Vic: You know what I mean, I love my wife that was just something extra, you know, for fun.

Mary: Exactly and that was the same for me but you didn't understand that. Anyway it was a few months before "I" finally asked "him" if he wanted to go back. Well you would have thought that I had ended the world or something. He went nuts. "What kind of slut had he married?" I had become a bitch right before my own very eyes and didn't know how. It was ok when he said to go but when I wanted to go then all shit broke loose.

Vic: Was I that bad?

Mary: YES! And worse. A couple of days passed without either of us talking to each other. Finally I thought this was way too stupid to keep fighting over so I called him at work and told him that there was an emergency and to get home right away.

Vic: Some EMERGENCY. I drove 90 to get home. I get to the house, she's on the bed in a nighty.

Mary: It stopped the argument didn't it. He didn't get back to work till the next day, hehe.

Vic: Yeah and when the boss asked what the problem was I thought I was going to get fired too.

Mary: You just don't lie well that's all. Anyway we spent that day and night screwing and talking and we worked it all out. We talked about both of our wants and needs, fantasies etc.

Vic: Yeah I never knew she wanted to be with another woman before, and that she had already done it before we met.

Mary: College was a wonderful time, haha. We came to an understanding that we would talk more about our feelings together and we would only swing when both of us agreed before hand.

Vic: It was the beginning of a new level between us. We had always talked but never really talked, do you know what I mean, really talked about "everything".

Mary: Since that day we have went to quite a few parties and most of the time we have had a really good time. Sometimes we don't meet the kind of people that we want to meet. It seems like there are a lot of people who aren't as comfortable with each other as we have become.

Vic: And I've done better at handling my jealousy. When I'm feeling uncomfortable I go to Mary and we sit down and chat a bit.

Mary: Funny isn't it, you dragged me out to the first swinging party and now I am looking after you. I have always wondered if there are other couples where the husband starts everything and the wife then has to look after everything later? I have too almost drag Vic out by the arm to get him to go some nights, I pick out his clothes, put them on the bed, buy the condoms, the booze and call the clubs and the hotels to make all the arrangements just so we can go. If I didn't do all the organizing I don't think that we would ever get anywhere. Does this happen to other wives? Vic was all gung-ho the first time but now it seems that I am more excited about going than he is. He always seems to have a good time once he gets there but he never seems too awful excited to go. Is this normal? I'm curious to hear what other people say about this. Overall it's been a great year.

Vic: Better than great!

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