I never thought I would be writing telling about my sex life. I came from a conservative family who never talked about sex and until recently I had nothing tell. I've been married for 12 very happy years. We weren't virgins but I had only been with a handful of men.

Just over a year ago, our children were going to our relatives horse farm for a weekend of riding with their kids. It had been so long since we had a weekend alone. We were both excited about getting 2 nights and 3 days to do anything.

By the time Friday rolled around and the kids left, we were both exhausted. We sat down on the living room couch and listened to the absolute pease & quiet. It was heaven and so peaceful that we fell asleep.

We were suddenly awakened, shocked actually, when the telephone went off like a bomb. I almost jumped through the ceiling fan. Pat grabbed it paranoid something had happened to one of the kids {if you have children you understand}. It was a stupid wrong number. Pat was pissed. He looked at the clock. It was almost midnight. "Great" he said, "The first night that we get to spend alone and we sleep through it". I replied "Well look at it this way, we're well rested, let's not sleep till Sunday". I walked over to him, kissed him on the cheek and rubbed his crotch. My message was loud and clear. He stood there looking like a teenager waiting for his first taste of pussy. I told him to open a couple of beers, I was going to take a short bath, change into something more comfortable {and see-through} and would be right back.

He brought me a glass of cold beer as I was relaxing in a hot bubble bath. The cold beer, the hot water and the thoughts of what was in store made me tingle from head to toe. I heard the front door. I called to Pat but got no answer. I was a bit puzzled. I got out of the tub to find the little purple baby doll set I got at last years office Christmas party. I found out that it was a medium size and I could hardly get it over my chest. I'm not a big fat thing, I wear a size 9-10 but I do have a C cup chest and there wasn't much to this little outfit. The feel of the lace against my skin did excite me. My nipples, which can get to about one inch long when excited, were fully erect and trying to poke through the holes in the lace. I went back into the bathroom to finish drying my hair.

I couldn't hear anything above hair dryer. I soon found out that Pat had been a busy boy. I called "Bring me another beer sweetheart", he yelled back "Come out and get it". I thought "You bastard, I'm getting all sexy and you won't even bring me a damn beer". I went storming into the living room to give him shit but when I got there he was lying on the air mattress out of the camper. Candles were burning dimly on the mantel and two glasses of cold beer were sitting on the table. The TV was on but the screen was blue.

He just stared at me with the expression a deer gets when caught in headlights. "You like" I asked. All just moaned in that special way he did when horny. We kissed for what seemed like hours. When we came up for air he asked if I wanted to watch a movie {he snuck out while I was in the bath and went to the adult video store}. I said sure. He sat on the mattress with his back against the couch. I climbed in between his legs and snuggled back against him.

The movie began. It wasn't long before a pretty young girl with blond hair like mine was sucking on a dick that looked like Pats'. I told him I knew why he had picked this movie. He replied "Her tits aren't nearly as big as yours". I slapped him lightly. These 2 people were supposedly married and swingers. They went to a party with 3 other couples. They started in a hot tub and ended up all over the house fucking and sucking anyone who came near. It was wild. By the end the blonde girl had one guy in her mouth, one in her pussy and a pretty mexican girl sucking on her tits.

Pat was enjoying it, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my back. When the movie ended, I turned, got on my hands and knees and asked Pat if he liked the movie. All he could do was moaned deeply. I put my head in his crotch and swallowed him until he hit the back of my throat. It only took a few minutes before he blew a cup of cum into my mouth. He came with such force that cum blew out my mouth all around his cock. I couldn't swallow fast enough. I licked him clean. He pushed me onto my back and ripped my G-string right off, buried his face between my legs and started licking me. I shave my pussy regularly and his moustache and tongue felt so good against my skin.

I don't know how many times I came, I almost passed out from pleasure. The next thing I remember Pat was trying to get my top over my tits. I sat up pulled the lace top over my tits as Pat jumped on me, shoved his head into my chest and started sucking my nipples. I reached down and grabbed his cock. He was rock hard. I guided him into me. He pushed slowly and as buried into me, I shuddered into an unbelievable climax. He started pumping in and out of me and I kept cumming over and over. By my fourth or fifth orgasm he was pounding into me so hard that I could hear and feel his balls slapping against my ass. Finally I felt his cock detonate an ocean of cum inside of me. We collapsed together in a big pile of sweat.

Over the weekend we watched the movie {or parts of it} another four or five times and each time ended up screwing until we were exhausted. It was that Sunday afternoon, sitting naked in the kitchen feeding each other cereal that the topic of us swinging with other people first came up. We sat and discussed it for hours until we suddenly heard a car door slam and realized that our kids were home. I ran into the bedroom grabbed a robe as Pat threweverything into the basement.

A week went by before we had a chance to sit down and continue our conversation. We decided to go to a local swingers club that we read about in a magazine Pat got when he returned the movie. I called and spoke to Brett, the guy who ran the club with his lady Jessie. He had a very sexy deep voice. They seemed to be real down to earth people just like us so we made reservations to go.

It was probably the longest week of our lives waiting for the party. We screwed three times a day and one day Pat even drove over to my work. We took turns giving each other head in the car.

Saturday night we sent the kids to the sitters, I squeezed into a tiny red stretch dress that I bought, that barely covered my butt and tits. Pat started the car and when I came out I thought he was going to explode. He moaned jokingly all during the drive to the club. We were both nervous and it loosened things up a bit.

We arrived outside of the hotel, sat in the car for about 5 minutes getting up our nerve, then finally went to the banquet room. Jessie was at the door. She was a short, very cute, late 20's lady. She made us feel very welcome. We went in, got a couple of drinks and sat down. There were 20 or 25 couples, mostly very attractive, mingling around and dancing. We met a couple named Sid & Ellen. He was about 40, average build with thinning hair. Ellen was 35, 5'6",thin with beautiful auburn hair and perky, teenage-like tits. They sat with us and began to talk. It turned out we live only a few blocks apart and our children went to the same school. Small world isn't it. Before long we were all laughing, dancing and enjoying ourselves.

Later Pat was sexy slow dancing with Jessie and I realized that I wasn't jealous, I was excited. She came over and sat down next to me. The five of us were really appreciating each others' company. It was great. Suddenly I felt a hand under my dress {I wasn't wearing panties}. It was Jessie. She played with my clit until I so wet that I was sure everyone could hear my pussy slurping over the music. I had to try hard so one knew what was going on. Jessie eyes met mine, she smiled, pushed a finger into me and I came flushing cum all over her hand. She leaned over and whispered "Feel better". She got up and went to dance with Brett. My eyes were glued on them. She peered over at me, whispered something into Brett's ear. He looked over and smiled from ear to gorgeous ear. He looked so sexy. He's 30 something, tall, blond and muscular. She smiled at me as she placed her hand up to his mouth. He started sucking on her fingers and kissing her hand. When I realized that he was sucking "my cum" off her hand I came again without being touched. After their dance Brett came over and asked me to dance. In his arms I felt like my feet weren't touching the floor. He asked "Are you enjoying yourself here" in his deep voice, I just melted. I could hardly even get out a "Yes". I felt the size of his manhood pressing against me throughout the whole song. What a great feeling.

When back at the table, Sid and Ellen asked if we had a room in the hotel. We hadn't thought things through that far. Jessie smiled at me and said "Don't worry we do". I think she knew that we were in a spot and volunteered to come to our rescue. It was time for the last dance, Pat asked me. While dancing he asked "How are you feeling". I came back with "I'm horny and want to get fucked over and over, and I want to watch you fuck Jessie hard". I guess I shocked him. He froze and said "WOW".

The six of us went upstairs to a hotel room. Their were two beds and a big armchair. Ellen was down to her panties by the time everyone got settled. She has a beautiful body. She walked over to Pat, he was pouring some orange juice, undid his belt, dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock. He looked over at me, I smiled a look of approval and he instantly was hard in her mouth.

Brett sat down on the bed next to me and seductively kissed my neck. I felt my pussy getting wet. He continued down my neck and he kissed all of my clothes off. I don't remember him taking them off but I lay there naked with his head between my legs. He kissed and licked my pussy forever, {it turned out to be an hour}, I came many times. When I begged him to stop I heard Jessie say "Brett give her a break, you just met". Everyone laughed. I looked over and saw Jessie slowly bouncing up and down on Pat's cock. She was so wet I could see her juices running down his cock, he looked soaked to the knees. Ellen was sucking on her tits. Sid was sitting in the corner, smoking a cigarette. His eyes met mine and he said "I'm just taking a little break dear". Ellen piped up "We know dear the old guy needs a rest". Everyone laughed.

I turned back to Brett. I kissed him hard. I could taste my cum. He still had his pants on. I said "Let's get these off". I could not wait to feel his cock but when I got his briefs off I froze. It was huge, almost ten inches long and really hard. I dropped my mouth on it and tried to get the head in my mouth. He got harder. The veins were sticking out and it looked like he was going to burst. He started to kiss my hands and fingers while I tried to swallow as much of him as I could. I got about half of that beautiful cock in my mouth until I thought I would gag. He just kept getting harder. It felt like steel. He asked if I would like to have him inside me. I said "OH PLEASE". He got up to get a condom. His cock was sticking out like a spear. I asked if he could put a rubber on that big thing. He said they were special large size. I guess !!

I laid back on the bed, opened my legs and waited. I asked him to be careful. He started to push into me, stretching me so wide. It felt so good. He pushed gently into me until I was so full. He started sliding slowly in and out of me and I came hard. He slowed, kissed me and quietly asked "Would you like more of me". I reached down and found out that I had only taken about half of him yet. "OK" I replied. He pushed deeper into me and I felt fuller than I had ever been. He pulled out to the end and then pushed back into me. It was so good. Time was in slow motion. I started to shudder and shake. I came again. He sped up a little and kept a marvellous pace. I came a couple more times in a row. He was kissing my neck, lightly pinching one of my nipples {which felt as long as his cock} while still plunging in and out of me. He boyishly asked me "Can I put it all in now". Oh my God. I couldn't speak. He forced even more of his powerful cock into me. I thought he was going to come out of my belly. I was surprised that it only hurt a little and it was more of a pleasure pain. He pulled almost out. I looked down and saw his huge cock completely covered with my cum. It was a beautiful sight. I watched as he slowly shoved it back into me. I came again. I guess that was all that he could take. He started thrusting into to me hard. I was cumming over and over. He put my legs over his shoulders and a pillow under the small of my back. I looked up and saw his pleasant face with a knee stuck on each ear. He plunged into me. I was shaking. He was slamming that gorgeous piece of meat in and out of me, fucking me so hard I felt and heard his balls slapping against my ass just like Pat does. I have never been fucked so hard and so intensely. I just kept cumming and cumming. When he finally came, I felt his cock jolt uncontrollably inside of me and I erupted again. His whole body started to pulsate in my arms. He slowly pulled out of my saturated pussy and it left me feeling that there was still a huge tunnel between my legs. A couple of minutes went by when I saw everyone was staring at me with enormous smiles on their faces. I asked "What the hells that matter with you guys". Sid said "It's so quiet now" and laughed. I asked what he was talking about and was told I had been screaming so loud they were surprised the police hadn't shown up. Brett leaned down, kissed me and said "Their just jealous". I was embarrassed.

Jessie and Ellen came over, held my hands and comforted me. Ellen said "I wish had your tits, their beautiful". She started to lick and suck one of my nipples. Then Jessie asked "Did Brett hurt your pretty pussy". I tried to answer but before I had a chance to she was between my legs licking my private parts. Her tongue was so soft. I wasn't sure if I could cum again until the tip of her tongue found my clit. I exploded in her mouth. Next thing I know, Pat's cock was in my mouth. Sid must have been fucking Jessie from behind because she was moaning and her face kept bouncing up against my pussy as she was eating me. Pat's cock tasted like one of the girls but I didn't know which one. I liked the taste {I want to have a taste test sometime}. I was gobbling him like there was no tomorrow. I knew when Brett had slid up behind Ellen and thrust into her because she swallowed almost all of my tit and shrieked into it. No one ever had that much of my tit in their mouth. She started to cum. The vibrations of her moans started to race throughout my body. I drenched Jessie's face again and unexpectedly Pat filled my mouth with his cum. Some ran down my chin. I heard Brett cum. Ellen started licking Pat's cum off my face. She French kissed me and we were swapping tongues when Jessie made me cum again as she and Sid exploded.

Everyone just fell back and got comfortable. We all sighed, chuckled and giggled. Ellen and Brett were on the bed with me and soon she had her head in his lap giving him an intense blow job. We all enjoyed the show and when Brett was about to cum, she grabbed his cock with both hands and jerked him until he shot cum all over her little tits. It looked great. We dressed, went home and passed out.

We have been swinging for over a year now, have been to many parties, met and had many wonderful people. I have yet to get up enough nerve to go down on a woman but I guess that will be my next letter to you.

Forever Yours, Darlene

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