Approaching the 10th aniversary in this new century it is more important than ever that swingers be entitled to choose their own lifestyle without persecution. The social system has been shaped by history, creating a changing set of expectations considered "normal". We have been influenced by changing social orders in an age in which the pressures to conform to former norms are being seriously questioned. The ideal of romantic marriage provides a model where the marital partners have exclusive sexual rights to each other and the duty to satisfy each other's physical and emotional needs. Many marital partners experience disenchantment when this perfect ideal fails.

Most people are critical in their perceptions of the world and wish desperately to enlarge the boundaries of their lives. Swingers are just such people. Swingers are members of a group that is actively seeking changes in stereotyped attitudes toward differences from outdated traditional values. Many have undergone positive changes in their own attitudes toward themselves, their partners and others. They have taken the opportunity to be free to choose to behave in ways, which were restrained from past conditioning. As adults we have not been free to choose an alternative lifestyle without being subjected to destructive responses from the majority of people in society, family, friends, neighbors etc.

Adults have the potential for creating various relationship forms where they can achieve mutual support, fulfillment of love and fellowship needs. It is important to evaluate this form of human relationship {swinging} by the caring nature of the responses they offer to others who engage in their lifestyle, rather than by the physical pleasures they take.

Respect for different relationship choices demands a great deal more internal character on the part of adults than most have. To overcome the pressures, set out by the moral fundamentalists and our own lying families, to conform to their traditional expectations is overwhelming. It is always easier to blend in by accepting cultural expectations than to "rock the boat" and be an individual with opposing beliefs. Unaware that their reactions to the unknown are anchored in their pre-programmed childhood, causes a terrible dilemma for the adult. Only through serious self-exploration can we find a mindset not influenced by others personal agendas. What do they say, "Only the strong survive"? Well in this case only the strong of mind prevail in marching through the pit of the status quo and locating the tranquility the swinging lifestyle offers and will continue to offer into the future.

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