I'm not sure how or why other people get involved in swinging but I would like to share my husbands and my new life. We have been married for 19 years, very happily married I might ad. Our sex life has always been quite fulfilling. We had started our sexual life together about a year prior to our wedding, mostly in the back of his fathers car sneaking around behind our parents back.

Since neither of us were very experienced everything seemed very exciting to both of us. I remember that we tried many things and experimented a great deal (things that only years later we found out were considered exceedingly avantgarde), if it felt good then we tried it including analsex and much more. I had taken his six inch cock entirely up my ass long before we actually walked down the isle together and had cum all over it as well. Nothing ever seemed to "way out" to us in those days, if we got an idea we discussed it and just tired it. I can remember sitting in the county library together looking at medical journals and bad romance novels looking for new and stimulating ways to get off. I'm not exactly sure where we got off track. We got married, had two beautiful children and somewhere along our lifes path it seemed that we lost the sexual spark. I'm not saying that we stopped having sex, on the contrary, our sex life was better than any of my friends (or so they would tell me while we were alone, usually during a sauna at the country club spa). My husband has always been a great lover and I have never lost my desire for him, however the animal magnetism and downright nasty, sweaty lust disappeared. We stopped experimenting and somehow became the Brady's sexually (not to loud or "far out" as if there were six kids and a frumpy Alice in the next room).

A few months ago we took a trip with our daughter. The mini van was loaded to the roof with all her belongings as we started out to take her to college and get her settled before she started classes. Our son was already out of the house (he joined the military last year and was stationed a few hundred miles from our home town) so this trip was an emotional one for all of us. After dropping her off, getting her unpacked, we began the long journey back home. It was only about a two hour drive but this would be the longest drive of my life, we would be returning to an empty house for the first time since after we were newlyweds.

I remember tears began running down my cheeks during the trip. My husband noticed it and pulled over onto the shoulder of the interstate to console me. He hugged me and held me tightly to his chest. He kissed me passionately and reassured me that everything would be fine. He kissed me again and soon we were both half undressed and had begun to get carried away.

He suggested that we slip into the back of the van. I told him that the troopers patrolled this highway regularly and since it wasn't quite dusk that someone may find us. That just seemed to turn him on more, we jumped into the back seat and pulled off this shorts. There was my husband, sitting in our vans backseat, naked from the waist down and his hard cock sticking straight up in the air. I couldn't resist his offer of climbing onto that cock and giving it a ride. I climbed into the back and shoved him deep into my mouth. I'm not sure whether it was the thrill of being caught but we were both so horny. My man was so worked up that after only a few moments of deep-throating he exploded a tremendously large load of cum in my throat, so large that I couldn't swallow it all and almost choked. I had his cum all over my face. He took me into arms and kissed me hard and deep sticking his tongue half way down my throat, it sort of surprised me because I never remembered him ever doing that before especially since I hadn't even wiped his cum off and he obviously got a mouthful of his own juice. He grabbed my shorts, pulled them off me and shoved his face between my legs.

It wasn't long before my own cum was pouring out of me. I could hear him slurping trying to drink it all up but I knew that was impossible, when I cum it comes gushing out of me like a waterfall and I could feel it running down the crack of my ass and onto the seat. Fuck he just wouldn't stop eating me, sticking his tongue into my pussy and then flicking it all around my clit and then sticking it back in me.

I don't remember how long we were there or how many times I had cum, when suddenly I heard a car horn. I turned around to see that a car had pulled up behind us. By this time it was mostly dark outside but I could make out the outline of lights on top of the car. Christ it was a cop! I pulled my husbands hair and told him to stop. I started fumbling looking for my shorts. Suddenly the cop honked his horn again and flashed his lights twice and began pulling out and up beside the driver side of our van. I told my husband to stay down as he was completely naked and totally drenched with my juices. The car stopped next to us. I looked over to see that it was a female office, she looked back at me, smiled, gave me a thumbs up and drove off. WOW, I thought we were going to spend the night in jail, that was way to close. We quickly got dressed and drove off both trembling with fear and laughing with delight. It was invigorating as well. How long had she been sitting there? If we were that noticeable how many other people had seen us as they passed by? We both started to get turned on again. My husband suggested that we stop at the local adult store on the way home. I agreed.

We pulled into the parking lot, and went inside. There was advertisements and posters for all kinds of different porno movies everywhere. Most of them were covered with pictures of big breasted (silicone) blonds dressed in skin-tight lingerie. My husband began looking through the shelves of movies and I worked my way to a showcase displaying many unusual toys. The attendant asked if he could help, I looked up to see this blond, athletic looking, mid 30's man. He was very attractive and had the bluest eyes that I had ever seen. I said that I was only looking but he began showing me each piece and described what it's purpose was and how it worked. I was a bit embarrassed and turned on as well. We chatted for some time, I began to relax. He complimented me on my figure and at one point rubbed a vibrator up and down my bare arm to show me how well it worked. It sent shivers all the way through my body. I was still turned on from the episode in the van and I felt myself getting wet again. He then pulled out a vibrator that was shaped like a cock. When I saw it I gasped, it was about 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. I asked him what the fuck was that and what the hell was I going to do with that? Holly fuck it was huge. I told him I would never get it in me. He said he was unhappy to hear that. I asked why (stupid me) and he told me it was about his size. I looked down at his crotch and said "NO". He said that if I didn't believe him that he had proof, he and some friends had made an amateur video and would I like to see it. At that moment my husband appeared and I asked if we could rent an amateur movie. The man said he wouldn't charge us anything if we promised to return it.

When we got home I asked my husband to make us some drinks and I put the tape in the VCR and turned on the TV. It was a homemade tape with a bunch of people sitting around in what looked like a hotel room. There were two beds and a big arm chair with 4 men and 4 women sitting, talking, drinking and smoking. They were all average looking people obviously all between 35 and 45. It wasn't long before they started kissing and getting undressed. My new friend was sitting on one of the beds leaning up against the headboard and I couldn't see much of him because of the other people. It became apparent that no one was operating the camera, it was just sitting on a tripod filming whatever happened in front of it.

My husband and I got undressed and snuggled up to each other. The store attendant was getting a blow job from a tiny, blond lady but we couldn't see much as her ass was directly in the road. It wasn't very long before everybody was really going at it hot and heavy. It was a very good film. I could tell my hubby liked it too, his cock was rock hard again. I sat him down on the couch so he could continue to watch and I then sat down on his cock. I was so wet that he slid right in. I sat in his lap as we watched these people fucking and sucking.

Suddenly the blond moved so the attendant could fuck her. Oh my God! His fucking cock looked even bigger than the dildo he showed me in the store. I watched as squeezed that fucking telephone pole into her. I watched as she took the entire thing right to his balls. He started slamming it in and out of her until she was cumming so loud that she drowned out everyone else in the room. I wanted that gigantic thing in me. My husband sensed it too as I was bucking up and down on him so hard that I didn't even stop after he had cum and I guess I kept fucking him until he went semi-hard and then hard again. I kept fucking him until I saw that my new friend was about to erupt on the screen. He pulled that massive spear out of her and blew cum all over everywhere. Stuff landed from her belly all the way to her face.
She reached up and grabbed him with both hands and started sucking him. She opened her mouth as far as she could and gobbled him into her mouth. He was stretching her lips so wide, My God !!!

My husband pushed me down onto the coffee table and fucked me so hard (I don't ever remember him ever pounding me with such force). I heard and felt him about to cum and with that I exploded again, and in this position my juices actually came running out of me around his cock and I could feel it splash against, and run down my legs. That's all it took for my husband to explode again. After he came I spun around and shoved his cock all the way down my throat. I could taste both our cum. We both fell exhausted onto the floor and hugged for hours. Later we discussed everything that we had done that day, parking on the side of the interstate, the trip to the porno shop, the film and the incredible sex. We both agreed that with the children gone we had rekindled the passion which had been lost. It seems that it wasn't lost, it was just that we had been trying to live a conservative life with a conservative attitude because that's what we had been programmed to believe was correct for people our age with children. We discussed my attraction for the telephone poled cock from the adult store and my husbands horniness for another of the ladies in the video. We agreed to go to talk to the man about getting involved with him and his friends. In speaking to the gentleman from the store we found out that he and his friends belonged to a local swingers club here in our area. We never knew that one even existed. After speaking to him in much detail, going out to dinner, he agreed to introduce us to the people who run the club. Needless to say we took him up on the offer. We met the people, joined the club and the rest as they say, is history. We have had some great times both socially and sexually. We just got a special invitation to visit one of the members homes for a weekend party (I hope that it's an orgy) and if anything worth writing about goes on I will write and let you know. I sure hope I have something to write about, I haven't been with a woman before and the lady of the couple hosting the party has been coming on to me for a couple months. Who knows, maybe it will be a bi-story, hehe.
                          Until then, Brenda
Oh by the way ladies, don't be afraid of a monster sized cock. It's ammmmmmmazing. Trust me!!!
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