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My wife and I have been married for ten years when I approached with the idea of placing an ad on the computer for swinging and it shocked me when she said sure!! We explored around and found a place to put in an ad. We replied to a few ads and found a couple that was our age and had the same interests as we do!

The other couple turned us onto chatting on the internet, and that is how we came to get to know each other, so to speak. We would talk to each other and it would make my wife and I so horny that she would take my cock into her mouth as I read what was being said she would do it and suck me until I would explode in her mouth, then we would switch places and I would lick and suck her pussy and she would quiver and squeal and get my face and the chair she was sitting on completely soaked!

After about two or three weeks of cybersex with our new friends, we all agreed to meet face to face, once and for all!! My wife and I packed up the car and we set out on our new experience. On the way to their house (4 hours away from ours) we talked about what we might be getting into. It again made us so horny, hot and wet that my wife wanted to fuck me right then and there. She slowly started to pull off her mini-skirt. I soon found out that she had no panties on. She undid my pants, but had a hard time getting my extremely hard cock out of my pants, because of the way I was sitting. Soon she had it out and was riding up and down on my cock so hard that the car was actually bouncing up and down as we were driving. She then straddled over the top of me while I was driving on the interstate. She started to come so hard that she screamed out and she has never screamed out at all. Now it was my turn and I blew a load so big inside her that it was squirting out from the sides of her pussy and all over me and my seat!

We arrived and met our friends for the very first time. At first it was a little uncomfortable and it was hard to find the words to say to each other, but after a short while, and a few drinks, they suggested that we go outside and sit in the hot tub. When we were sitting in the hot tub the conversation and the mood loosened up alot! Me being the un-modest person that I am, after about fifteen minutes of being in the tub, decided to break the ice and I stood up on the deck, and said I could not sit in the tub without being completely naked, so I pulled off my swim trunks and climbed back in. After a few more minutes everyone else decided that was cool and then things took off from there.

We retired to their bedroom and sat on the bed talking for a few minutes completely nude. Myself and the other husband laid the wives down and we started eating our own wives pussies. My wife was so wet it was running down her legs and she instantly grabbed the back of my head and rammed it into the her pussy, squeezing me with her thighs! We all watched each other as the others did things and after about a half an hour the other wife leaned over and whispered that she wanted to suck my cock. My wife almost pushed me off of the bed trying to get me into her(the other womans) mouth. She started sucking every inch into her mouth until I was buried up to my balls. It didn't take but a couple of minutes and I was bursting in her mouth, I tried to pull her head back to stop it, but she had a death grip on my ass and wouldn't let go, so I shot a load down the back of her throat. When I was done she told me to eat her, and as I was moving down to kiss her pussy I saw my wife sucking away on his cock while he was finger fucking her. I could see the juices dripping off his fingers. After all the eating and fore-play was done she rolled me onto my back, grabbed my cock and shoved it deep into her cunt, and she started to ride me really hard. My wife pulled him down onto her and grabbed his ass and made him fuck her. My wifes face was only a foot away from our crotches, and she was getting so turned on watching me go in and out of her that she greased his pole with every drop she had and I could see him pounding away on my wife and he arched back and came deep inside her. It turned my partner on so much she grunted and stiffened around my cock, it was almost impossible to move until she finished coming and it seemed like an eternity before she finished When she did she sucked what seemed like a gallon of come out of my cock with her expertly placed pussy pull. She knew just how to get every drop of come out of a cock.

After another night of sex, that was ten times more exciting than the first. We kissed our new friends good bye and we have been fucking each other ever since.

One last thing: To watch two women fuck each other with two sided dildos and strap-ons until they cum for each other, guys that is truly a miracle to watch!!!!!!!!!!

Your's sincerely, W.

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