This Swingers Advice Column , unlike other fluff pieces on the internet, deals with swinging in the broadest terms, and will focus on particulars in honest, blunt, hard-hitting terms. The column will look at and address notable questions from the Swinging lifestyle. Viewer discretion be advised!


Professor of Swinging!

This column will be to assist everyone in understanding the swinging lifestyle and feeling comfortable within it. In future columns we will be covering such topics as,life at a swing club, meeting others, dealing with personal concerns within the lifestyle etc. etc.. If you have any specific questions relating to any part of swinging just write and we may dedicate a column to that particular subject. Remember if you have a question or a problem then thousands of others are as well.

For this initial column let's discuss the types of people that you will inevitably encounter. We allbelieve that swingers are sensitive, caring, open-minded people just by definition alone. I hate to burst your bubble but this column is going to be in every way, shape and form, the ENTIRE TRUTH.

There are 4 basic and distinct groups of people who become involved in swinging.
First we have "The Curious Couple". They are involved for as many unexplainable reasons as there are curious couples. Some have a specific mandate. Some couples will want to convert you to their religion or even save your soul, to sell a used automobile or maybe even a house. I can remember a couple who came to my local club. He spent the entire evening trying to prove he was a genuine guy. He handed out his business cards to every couple present {he was a used carsalesman}. Monday afternoon he called me to explain he had a nearly new Ford Mustang for sale. He said "It's a really hot little car and I want a swinger to have first chance at it". He then asked me for the guests telephone numbers who were at the party. I told him I drive a Corvette and hung up.

Next we have "The Detached Couple". One of them has dragged the other into the lifestyle or they're trying to save an already sinking relationship by involving you. In the first instance, you will end up with a cold fish while your partner almost gets molested immediately. Generally these tend to be couples with one attractive partner and one that is disgustingly ugly. Swinging is not a cure for a failing relationship, you need to be able to discuss and plan things together with your partner. Arguing, screaming and fighting are not what turns swingers on. No one needs to see a female throw beer in her husband's face or slap a lady in the face simply because they danced three songs together in a row. Aaaaaaaa! STAY HOME!

Have you met "The Playing Couple"? They are the people who will be whatever and whoever they decide to be on any given evening. They change their names and stories much like a chameleon changes color. What are they really hiding? They usually hide behind the excuse "Someone we know mayfind out". Well guess what, if your going to swing with them don't you want TO KNOW them first? On the other hand if someone you know sees you at a swingers party, what do you think they're doing there? If all of you are swingers then it will bring you closer together so why all the paranoia? The whole situation is to damn confusing to even attempt to deal with. Just remember if people profess or portray themselves to be one way when you feel that they are really the opposite, they are! "BETTER NOT GET INVOLVED" !

Have I scared you off yet? Your not alone. Swinging has lost many great people. They started into swinging with an open mind only to be confronted by those from the above three categories. They lost hope and interest and quit before they really got started. They needed to have met "The Believers". Real people with real personalities who truly believe in the swinging lifestyle and what it stands for. They are together, honest, compassionate, tolerating, encouraging people.

These are the people that make the swinging lifestyle the wonderful experience that it is. Take time and get to know some. It will be a wonderfully rewarding experience. In future columns we can cover some quick detection methods. Interested? Write and let us know!

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