It is being preached by some Right-wing, hard-line, ill-bred, tight asses that Pornography and Open Sexuality contributes to antisocial behaviour and crime. Supposedly it contaminates public health, destroys marriages and families, defiles religious communities, hinders education and depletes educational resources, increases abortions and taxes, and weakens the economy, destroying the value of houses and driving out legitimate businesses.

    They say that women who are sexually empowered by showing sexual desire and confidence are either whores or tramps and are only victims to men's sexual urges. Do they mean that women should not have their own sexual desires and if they do they are disgusting?

    They say that being aroused from sexual behaviour is not only wrong because it should be hidden because it leads to compulsive and addictive behaviour. They are saying that seeing other human beings in our natural undressed state will destroy our minds and that we cannot live a healthy sexual life if we are ever aroused. They say that sexuality is to be used for procreation and is wrong if we take pleasure in our own sexuality and will suffer the condemnation of those who are celibate. They act as if they have the authority of *God* in preaching that enjoyable sexual encounters between consenting adults is wrong and unnatural.

    A recent example of this attitude! The magazine *C-Spot*, published at Columbia University, New York, is aimed at promoting intelligent conversation about sexual behaviours. It is a means for students to combine the intellectual, academic and creative with the erotic, said Jessica Tang, the editor. We are handling our content with care, sophistication and responsibility. It has an artistic and creative focus while displaying black-and-white semi-nude photos of Columbia students and articles like *The Origins of the Vibrator*.

    However, when groups like the CWFA (Concerned Women For America) found out that it was discussed that the publication need University students –TO REVIEW SWINGING AND FETISH PARTIES, they lost their mother-trucking minds over it. Self-proclaimed author Brenda Zurita stated on the CWFA.ORG website, Why would anyone celebrate that type of sexuality? It creates a divide between people. It divides husbands from wives, wives from husbands, mothers from children, fathers from children and men from women.

    Although never meeting Ms. Brenda, and not knowingly ever swinging with a member of the CWFA, there can be a great deal of commonsensical assumption made that, whatever her problems might be, most of her troubles could be solved by 9 1/2 inches of rock hard cock. It is most apparent that this woman, and her comrades, have yet to experience multiple orgasms. To paraphrase an antique joke, Isn’t it funny that women who are against swinging, are, women that you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place !!!

    Morning line betting odds:
    Brenda Zurita is an openly bisexual woman?     Visitors + 17.5 points

    Note:   What negativity can the sexual morality watchers have to say about the World famous Havard University after their student body is publishing *Diamond*, a combination of the magazines Cosmopolitan and Maxim, with nude photos exposing the "sexy" side of Harvard University. Will the future of the moral-minority be finally threatened? Question: Will Brenda Zurita turn down medical help in an emergency if she were to learn that the Specialist Doctor studied at Havard or Columbia University? And she better hope that none of the contributors to Diamond were Havard Law School students, her case may get thrown out of all courts if the Supreme Court bench becomes filled with Moral Realists.

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